Today's political trends have no real future. Can world leaders continue to borrow against the future to indulge in the present? We think not.

Ours is currently a world that is dangerously out of balance. Our global leaders are running massive debts against the economy and the environment. Since 1970, half of the world's wildlife has been wiped out. Meanwhile America is running its economy on the basis of infinite resources. This is not realistic. Currently our total public debt stands at a figure of $17 trillion, and we are sitting atop record trade deficits. This is all while American infrastructure continues to crumble, and we fall dangerously behind other nations on investing and saving for our own future. Unfortunately with the current political gridlock in Washington, not much is being done to deal with these critical issues.

At the Global Action Policy Fund we are interested in working towards bipartisan political solutions that focus on saving and investing for a real future. We have useful tax plans and policies for political reform on our website. We are a small organization, a 501(c)(4), that has just been set up. While our organization is new, our members have been studying the ongoing political and environmental crisis since the 1990's. Our President also has experience in building bipartisan political support in various projects. We are interested in working with other individuals and organizations.

Contributions to us are not tax deductible.