We live in a world dominated by money. Behind all that happy rhetoric of modern plutocratic democracies about "were not going to leave anybody behind," "we care about everyone" is a deception - is a study in hypocrisy, because the fundamental cult of modern democracy, modern Western-style American European democracy, is a cult of money and economic inequality on a global level today is unprecedented and has grown exponentially during the post-World War II era. Now this would not really be a problem if all this was building a wonderful world with a great future that was going to get better and better, but according to all that we know, this is a system that is going to end up killing billions of people.

So we need people who have the vision and the courage to speak out. Where are those people going to be found? Are they going to be found at Goldman Sachs? Are they going to be found in the foundations and the think tanks that are financed by the big corporations and by the wealthy plutocrats? We are very skeptical about this and we believe that vision today is far more likely to come from people who are on the receiving end of this whole plutocratic system, people in the poorest parts of the Third World, underground people in the developed world, because they have the clarity to see the system without the happy mask and people who are in touch with nature, who are in touch with organic culture, who are in touch with genuine long-term visions of thought have an ability to communicate to the world.

Our guides for artists are aimed at those people. We show you how at a very small cost, you can awaken the artist within you using technology. All periods in history have strengths and weaknesses. It is our belief that in today's world those who are on the receiving end of the system have underestimated their strength and have underestimated their potential for having a truly global impact via the new tools of technology the new digital world. So come to our website underground web world.org, look at what you can do and how you can awaken the artist and the profit within you.