It is winter 2016 and the sun is setting way out on the horizon in front of me. What I'm going to talk about here is creativity. We at Underground Web World have creativity. To put the matter in sexual terms it's a question of sterility or fertility, and we have fertility. We have the power to create. In ancient China is the discussion of the term Qi - energy, and there is also a great discussion in Asian religions about discipline. You have to lead your life in a certain way. You have to keep negative influences out. That's extremely important. Creativity doesn't just happen. You have to be able to focus your mind on what you're doing and you have to be able to put creative stuff into your mind. If you fill your mind with garbage you're going to have garbage inside your head and when you create you probably aren't going to be very fertile, you are probably going to be sterilized by the toxic nature of American society. Just as the toxic nature of American society for some men reduces sperm counts, so too does the toxic psychological and spiritual nature of American society lead to sterility in the world of creativity, in the arts, literature and philosophy.So it's important to read creative stuff and we feel we have good lists of creative art, music and philosophy on our website. Yes we do. And immersing yourself in that will create a fertile situation in your soul and in your mind for creating great work.

The manifestation of truth is nature. Nature is billions of years old. Today the fundamental theme of our world is the criminal assault on nature. It might also be described as the pathetically futile assault on nature. It could also be described as the suicidal assault on nature. The delusions of human beings and the delusions of their lunatic ideologies about creating a "heaven on earth" by destroying nature are just that -lunacy. And they are going to fail. Nature is going to wipe them out so completely there will be nothing left of them. So to attack nature is not very intelligent. No it's not. And it's one more example of the basic point that just because you're rich doesn't mean you're smart. No sorry, it doesn't. It is a great shock to some people to hear that. And there is a spiritual aspect, a collective unconscious in our world that relates to nature, and our role is to tap into that.

Nature is Fate, God, whatever your religion is; nature is a manifestation of that. And Fate is looking for warriors. Its is looking for people who are going to be prophetic voices, because the whole structure of what you see is going to collapse, and out of the ashes of that will come a new harsher world order that will get our planet back in step with eternal values. Yes it will. So this is most definitely not going to be a peaceful process. No it is not. So it's important to get ready all across the board.

But our message is to reach out to the future potential leaders, giving them spiritual vision, and a concept for the revolution that they will unleash. As time goes by this becomes less and less theoretical and more and more real. The chaos in the political primaries this year is just one manifestation of that, but that's just a tiny manifestation of the turmoil to come. We approach a turning point and our ideas matter. And as we evolve, we must live our lives in a way to unleash the creative energy within us to tap into the creative energy of fate, to be what we are destined to be. This is a key summary of what we need to keep in mind as we move into 2016. This is the end of this lecture.