We want to talk today about truth and lies, as we further develop an ideological concept of looking into the modern world future. The world order that we have, particularly American imperialism and the plutocrats, people like Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, and the Gates foundation present a fairytale future, that they are building a Wonderland for all, and that you, the average citizen, your life is going to have meaning, and you are going to have this wonderful time here. Psychologically, a lot of this is an evolution of the utopian ideas of the 19th and 20th century, particularly the egalitarian utopian ideas, where nobody will be left behind, this will be a Wonderland for all, and so on - such as communism, such as the so-called American dream. And many philosophers see this as an evolution of the delusions of Christian theology. In the larger clear light of long-term history, these ideas are rubbish. The story of the human race is the story of the haves and the have-nots, from the beginning of time.


Now, in today's world there's a really macabre - just absolutely macabre - contradiction between the smiley face, sugary rhetoric about how "we're not going to leave anybody behind, everybody's life is going to be wonderful," and the nightmare that is being created by the environmental policies of the current political order. And there's a direct connection, by the way, between the wholesale destruction of the biological foundations of life, and the fairytale, egalitarian view, because in order to prop up the democracies, it is necessary to destroy the environment, to create an unsustainable situation, to prop up an unsustainable world system. We also ought to clarify that, you don't want to say that we're against equal opportunity, we are. But, there is a myth that this system is going to create a wonderful life for everybody, and everybody's going to have a nice time. That's rubbish. What this system is going to create is a ruthless system of the haves and the have-nots, where the have-nots are going to be wiped out, and have their lives destroyed in a truly spectacular manner, that rivals some of the worst butcheries of history. That's the reality behind the sugarcoated smiley face, and the it's a ruthless process and the average person isn't going to have this wonderful life, it's not going to happen.


Now, we have discussed this in our discussions of the green revolution, and other aspects of this. But when we look around every organization, every political movement has to define itself in terms of what can it provide that's unique? What we provide that's unique is the obvious truth that this is going to be a ruthless situation of the haves and have-nots. Now, there's going to be a huge number of people who work in and up getting killed, there's going to be a huge number of people who are going to be given lives that could be considered a hell on earth. So, that's what's going to happen. So, given that that's what's going to happen, what's obviously going to be a part of that is huge levels of violence, huge levels of terror.



Now, under Bush and under Obama, American imperialism has used the excuse that there are so-called "terrorists" out there, non-state actors who are causing trouble, and this has been used as an excuse to accelerate a machinery of state terror, a machinery of totalitarianism masquerading as protecting the citizens, and so on, and so forth. We need to think about the whole issue of terror, that the number of people who've been killed by, shall we say, private sector terrorism in the 20th century is a relatively small number of people, by contrast well over 100 million, and that's probably a very low estimate of people who have been murdered by their own governments. Now, the single biggest mass murderer is the state of China, which Bill Clinton called his "strategic partner," under the reign of Mao. So, the lesson of that is that mass murder is very acceptable, if it is connected to plutocracy. The whole hypocrisy about "never again" about the Nazi Holocaust is just that - hypocrisy. It is not to suggest the Nazis didn't commit terrible crimes, they did. But it is very definitely to suggest that the Nazi crimes pale in comparison to Mao's crimes, and they pale into near total insignificance compared to the tidal wave of death that's coming, that's going to be the very logical result of the plutocratic and American imperialist environmental policies.



We must look at the Copenhagen conference in 2009, particularly in light of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's attempt to try to portray herself as some sort of diplomatic genius, as opposed to the war criminal and diplomatic catastrophe that she was. In Copenhagen, America sabotaged the international climate conference as it sabotaged the Kyoto conference under Bill Clinton in 1997. Hillary Clinton sabotaged the climate conference because she opposed - representing Obama - opposed increasing aid for the poor victims. In fact, the head of the Third World block at Copenhagen made a very precise comment, that the US aid was so low, and so insignificant, it wouldn't even buy the coffins to bury the dead, which is very true, in fact it wouldn't buy a small percentage of the coffins. So, this is the kind of mentality of the ruling elite. It is the kind of mentality of the establishment liberals: people such as Hillary Clinton, people such as Samantha Power, people such as the modern so-called "human rights" movement. Now, the latter point is also a study in the macabre, that the so-called "human rights" movement has now joined forces with the neoconservative imperialists to launch a process of total war and total murder around the world, to enforce their lunatic view of what they consider to be human rights. And totally coincidently, human rights means governments that are friendly to US business, friendly to US imperialism, who agree to have US bases on their soil, yeah, you get the general picture here.



Now, a big problem with today's plutocrats and establishment liberals who run things is their incompetence. Now, when you cut through all the bull, their assumption is that if things go wrong, it's the poor who are going to die and it will be people outside the United States. This is an illusion. In America, America is the only modern state that does not have national health insurance. In other words, if there's an epidemic, there is going to be a tremendous death toll in America. You could lose a third of the American population in an epidemic because of America's lack of national health insurance, and lack of medical leave laws. On top of that, if you look at places such as the American Southwest, the American Southwest is a completely artificial world, as water becomes more scarce, you will have to abandon places like Arizona, places like Southern California, or spend literally trillions of dollars to further prop things up, the desalinization and so on. So, these people aren't very smart as a ruling elite, they aren't.




In the future that's coming, it's the future of violence. It's the future of the coming dictators. When Alexander the Great died in Babylon in 323 BC, they asked him, "Who will you leave your Empire to?" He said, "To the strongest." Now, the very large number of people, the billions of people who are going to be killed by this current system are not going to go quietly. Particularly, since they'd been fed a whole pile of garbage about what a wonderful life they're going to have. This is going to lead to violence, and violence breeds violence. We have discussed here in America how Obama has actually accelerated Bush's plans to build a totalitarian state here. So, all this means is a coming level of violence. All this means is a rise of totalitarian world systems. And we need to go back more into the ancient world, link things more tightly together on the Web, look at more videos and somehow paint a picture of that. We're on our way with the dictator video, but we're not totally there yet.



And, in conclusion, you look at other creative people such as Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen. I mean, they do some good things. Derrick Jensen's vision is completely unrealistic. Hedges' vision is completely negative. And Hedges, while he gets the right conclusions about what's wrong, his ideological vision is the old-fashioned traditional socialism, and if you look at the books that he recommends, they're not just so narrowly confined to the United States. Our vision goes back to Plato. Our vision goes back to Aristotle. Our vision goes back to Lord Shang in China. Our vision goes back to the Arthashastra in ancient India. Our vision is a global vision of the greatest minds in history, and we need to bring that alive. It's the global vision of some of the greatest minds in European history, not the artificial world that was imposed in 1945. It's just a whole series of people. It's a whole series of people such as Hegel, such as Frederick the Great. There's a whole series of people behind a global world ideology, the world ideology that's to come. We need to read more, analyze more, link this together. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, history remains the same, long-term trends remain the same, the laws of nature remain the same, and they are going to reemerge, and reemerge with a vengeance, and we need to show - on a global basis - how they can be implemented, what this will be. This is an agency of fate. This is our role. This is the source of our power. It's where we need to go. It's where we can go, and we need to remain focused, and move forward in this direction. This is the end of this lecture.