Yesterday's military coup in Egypt is one more nail in the coffin of a rotting and malevolent world order that' in its death throws. Few people want to point out that today's modern emperor does not have any clothes, he's fat he's ugly and he doesn't have any clothes. Democracy is failing all over the world. The place where it's failing the most in many ways is the great center of democracy: America, where America by its greed and its irresponsibility is leading the world into a global environmental catastrophe. In terms of the international climate court, it is America who has put more carbon in the atmosphere than any other nation. Now history remains the same, political theory remains the same, environmental laws remain the same. Idiotic ideas will suffer the same fate in our time that they have in the past.

The issue of America is not just idiotic ideas but criminal ideas because the mass murder of the planet is probably the greatest crime in history. So these things are going to take care of themselves. Now a question to analyze is the geographical structure of the turmoil to come. It is beyond our capability obviously to forecast precisely what's going to happen in all the major countries just as it is just not that possible. We can predict some general trends, one of which is the huge centralization of power. This is on a regional basis such as a rejuvenated EU possibly including Russia and possible regional blocs in Latin America and Africa. Without being unified in the struggle for power to come, people will get run off the road, it's that simple.

Now one of the issues that's come up, relating particularly to America in light of its violation of all environmental norms, is a direct attack from nature via a solar EMP strike. This is not abstract theory. We don't know obviously hundred percent for sure, but America was attacked by such a strike in 1859. In today's highly technological American world, this would literally shutdown a good part of the country and kill a considerable part of the population, so this could happen. The other possibility is that America could break apart due to its internal contradictions, who knows what will happen. We still remain focused on Europe, we still remain focused on Europe though the road to a European Union of a serious European Union is going to be very tumultuous and very bloody.

What we see is a psychological breakdown in the major advanced states as reality intrudes on political fantasy. In America in 2013, the reaction of the Democratic Party to the Snowden revelations is highly instructive of what's to come. The Democratic Party basically endorses the concept of a police state in order to keep itself in power, that's what's happened. This crosses over another line. It's part of pattern after pattern after pattern of the suicide and failure of democracy just as democracy failed in ancient Greece and Rome. The structure of the coming dictators still remains unclear though a lot of this may be made up as it goes along in the middle of a crisis, but the the certainty of this happening grows and the emergence of the new Caesars grow. We continue to struggle to figure out the exact way in which this will happen but this will have a dynamism all its own once the process gets going.

In other words, there is going to be a need for a dictator to solve things, it's just that simple, and there's also obviously going to be a huge level of violence because a large part of the population is going to end up being killed off under the best of circumstances and they're not going to be very thrilled about this. At the same time, so many people have been fed so much garbage about their rights and all this nonsense - particularly in America - that they're not going to peacefully accept any kind of imposition of order, they're going to fight back and as they fight back, the state itself will crush them and this will get very ugly and very bloody, but this is the real world that's coming as we said over and over and over again there is a primeval will to live within people so it is unlikely the human species will be exterminated. It will survive, but it will not look like it currently does right now and as we continue to study we need to have our maximum creativity in thinking through this vision of the real future.