Our role is to be the shamans of today. Our role is to be the visionaries of what's to come. Our role is to paint the picture of the coming real world order. This real New World order is going to sweep away the ruins of the current world order of plutocracy and Western establishment liberalism. We've discussed at length on our website and in previous lectures the death toll that's coming and the political implications of that death toll which will bring down the political world order and unleash a tidal wave of violence.


In the world order to come, the central figure is a person that we will call 'The Emperor.' Whether there will be more than one Emperor on this planet is an interesting concept and we're not going to get into that in this lecture. We are going to talk about the nature of the Emperor.


Now in ancient Rome when there was a big crisis they would nominate a dictator.

Homer, the ancient Greek poet, said the rule of many kings is a bad thing there must be one king with absolute authority.

Napoleon understood that in a crisis someone has to make decisions. Napoleon also clearly understood that the last thing you want to do a crisis is have rule by committee.


Now obviously modern America is a total and complete contradiction of this kind of thinking, which is why it is sinking deeper and deeper into crisis and heading for an utter disaster. Unfortunately, its sick view of the environment and overall sick mentality is leading the world into an unprecedented catastrophe.

Some may point out the fact that America is the world's leading super power. Yet this has been a temporary trend. America has accomplished this feat by unleashing an unprecedented campaign of slaughter against the natural world. Since the end of World War II, half of the world's wildlife has been destroyed. So America is borrowing against the environment and the future at a rate that cannot be sustained.

Can any country survive off continuous debt forever? We think not. It would be great if today's politicians could push through needed reforms. But as the gridlock in Washington increases, this becomes less and less likely. What emerges more likely is a total crash of the system and an authoritarian figure emerging who will build their own brutal system upon the ashes of the old.


So, what to do? The figure of reform is the figure of the Emperor. Our goal is to reach that Emperor. The material on our website is to help direct this Emperor who'll come to power. That is the central point of what we do. Obviously we want to reach significant numbers of other people in power today, or not in power today, but the likelihood that the current situation in power is going to reform itself is pretty close to nil.

When systems fail revolutions occur. It's an age old fact of history. American imperialism tries to claim that it's above the loss of history. It's not and it will be dealt with and dealt with severely.

Now getting back to the role of the Emperor, the Emperor is a person who must have absolute authority. This means the authority of life and death.


Now this is a level of concentration of power that is probably unprecedented in world history. Many people do not understand that most of the so-called dictatorships in our time did not have absolute power. The one conspicuous exception was probably Hitler's Germany, where Hitler had pretty close to absolute power. But Stalin for example was always very frustrated and greatly envied Hitler that he did not have the absolute power that Hitler had. And Mussolini also did not have the absolute power that Hitler had.

These movements however, Fascism and Communism, they did understand the need for a concentration of power, because when you're facing a crisis, when you have to take drastic actions, you can't have a lot of squabbling, somebody conducting a filibuster somebody filing a lawsuit and so on. This will lead to total disaster.


Now, due to the huge death toll and due to the prevalence of stupid ideologies in our time, people are not going to accept this (what is this, the concentration of power). No they are not. These people are going to have to be crushed. That's why there's a lot going to be a large amount of violence. The Emperor will preside over a reign of terror that will be absolutely unprecedented in world history and he or she will be backed up by the high technology world, the high-technology industry. Technology has no morality, it doesn't, it has absolutely no morality. And technology will enable the creation of a totalitarian state beyond the wildest fantasies of Nazi Germany or Soviet communism.




The great paradox of our time is that the structure of the modern totalitarian state is being built by the western democracies themselves. Barack Obama is a significant figure in all this who has accelerated on a rapid basis the movement towards totalitarianism set up by his predecessor George Bush. Obama, as revealed in the Snowden revelations, has set up a system of monitoring average citizens that really would make Stalin's Russia look like a paradise of civil liberties, and it's very important to understand that the initial phases of this road to totalitarianism will not be sold as totalitarianism. No, it will be sold as freedom. It will be sold as protecting freedom. In other words, democracy will be destroyed by those claiming to save it.

So there's going to be (particularly among the establishment liberal politicians) a level of dishonesty and deceit that is truly breathtaking in history. But these people are going to be swept away by their own evil, incompetence, and corruption.


The Emperor will be a person of passionate convictions, and he or she will be able to communicate those convictions via the Internet. The Internet will enable such a charismatic person to connect on an emotional basis with hundreds of millions of people. This will create a magnetic bond with the masses and generate a level of fanaticism that no leader in history has ever been able to produce. If anything, such fanaticism will give the Emperor a level of God-like authority.


Now the paradox of this modern totalitarianism is how it will handle creative dissent, something all regimes have pluses and minuses in. This has been one of the great weaknesses of totalitarian regimes. We don't have an exact answer to how future leaders will handle dissent. That is certainly something that needs to be thought through.  

However, in the initial phases of the crisis, and in the process of dealing with the crisis, it is probably inevitable that the freedom of speech will be severely curtailed. So in understanding how this happens, we must understand the dynamic of totalitarianism.


Americans think totalitarianism is some sort of mindless repression from the top. This is a total lack of understanding. In Nazi Germany, the key point was the reinforcement of positive totalitarianism. In effect, there was a sense that people wanted to support the regime. There was a huge fanaticism. There was a level of enthusiasm for Hitler that probably had never been seen before in any modern state because Hitler was a multimedia revolutionary. He used radio as well as film on an enormous scale. He was a high­tech media politician for his time and this is going to be accentuated.

So the point of totalitarian media communications is not so much the suppression of false ideas, or ideas contrary to the state, but the promotion of highly popular and magnetic ideologies that will capture the imagination of the public.


Another issue that is not totally resolved is the issue of religion. Will these totalitarian regimes build on variations of current religions? Or will they set up a new religion? The problem with setting up a new religion, or re-creating ancient paganism, or something like that, is that such a thing requires a significant change that could be quite difficult to implement.

We don't have an answer for this situation, but that's something that needs to be investigated. Our view overall is that the crisis is going to be so scary and so frightening that people will be willing to follow just about anything as long as it seems to be sincere and real.

That's a final point here. You cannot lead and you cannot inspire people on a deeper level if you don't believe in what you're doing. So the Emperor will be a person who believes in what they're doing and they will communicate that sincerity to the public. They will motivate and inspire the public on a deep level.

So this is a concept that needs to be evaluated and explored.