The title of this lecture is "The Living and The Dead, In The Real Global Future."


We've been studying global future trends since 1995, reading the most authoritive sources and interviewing a lot of top expert people or people who are supposed to be expert people in the eyes of our world. From the very beginning we have been struck by a contradiction. Even the most elemental analysis of the future watch data shows the probability - and today it's really the inevitability - of a very very large death toll. We're talking about a death toll about the same size as the death toll in the 30 years war, or the Mongol invasion of China, or the Black death (which was about 30 percent of the population or more) - that's optimistic, it could be a lot worse.


We could discuss a number of options here, but let's just talk about one. Let's assume that 75% of all the claims about global warming are false. You're still talking about a total disaster and you need to go to our website and look at reports like "World Future Outlook" and look at the other documentary material we have there to show the global nature of the environmental crisis, the environmental crisis which is based on the destruction of nature, based on the destruction and the poisoning of the biological foundations of life, of the world order that came to power in 1945.


Now that's the reality, but that's not the sales pitch of today's world order, particularly American imperialism. American imperialism talks about a world where everybody's going to have opportunity and everybody can have equal rights and everybody is going to be respected. This is a utopian fairytale, it's a utopian fairytale. America doen't believe this fairytale because America obstructs all efforts to reform the UN Security Council where you have an 80% white majority of the permanent members. So it's important to understand that the people at the top really don't believe this, but it's also a fact - particularly in America - that the people at the top are not well. They are very sick people that are filled with delusions - they're filled with lots of religious delusions - they are not well people.


Now what's coming is death on an enormous scale. What is not widely discussed is how that structure of death is going to be implemented. Now when you cut through the bull, when you cut through the lies, when you cut through the false advertising of today's plutocratic elite - particularly in America - here is the way they plan to have this work. As I say, these people are very confused, they are very sick, so the level of rational thinking in these people is not very high. However at the end of the day, the way they look at it is that the poor are going to be on the receiving end of this should things go wrong and the rich will survive. This is just one more part of their enormous state of delusions because America for example is highly vulnerable to the consequences of global warming, particularly in the Southwest which is a completely artificial world and changes in the weather can happen very quickly. These are all possibilities.

There's also the X factor. The issue of an EMP natural attack and the wholesale level of bad karma that America has generated by its criminal behavior around the world. So this is all not shaping up to be a very good situation. So there is a plan that isn't discussed for the killing of very large numbers of people, to so to speak "right size" the population of the planet. Now this plan we know isn't going to work, it's also a complete macab fraud in terms of all the sales pitch about how all this is going to be so wonderful and everybody's can be so happy and people such as Bill Gates and Bill Clinton and other pieces of humans slime go around selling all this nonsense - so that's not going to happen.


Now we need to discuss what this whole situation opens up, which is it opens up a question of whether we should be doing these mass executions by the issue of money. Should that be the way that we choose who lives and dies? Another question has to be raised, going back to ancient times, relating to some very basic questions here, such as the huge amount of money spent to keep alive birth defects and the celebration of this sort of behavior by institutions such as the Special Olympics. This is a very dubious source of morality and financial priorities when you think of a world in which large numbers of people are going to die. Why should healthy children be killed so that defectives can be kept alive? This is a contradiction of nature, people say "Oh we're doing God's will" well no, not really.


Historically in places like Sparta the children were exposed and the defectives were automatically sorted out, and it's a question of what concept of God these people have. Another issue is the keeping alive of brain-dead elderly patients. Both these trends are using up huge amounts of money in the rich countries and this is connected also to religious delusion. So these are issues that are going to reemerge and are going to be sorted out when the limits of the current system occur and nature intervenes and reverses the contradictions of the current system


Now as the real future opposed to the fairytale fake future unfolds we're going to discuss some basic political trends. Let's think about this, in the real future billions of people are going find out that their services are no longer needed. There is no happy little future for them and so forth. But it's going to be a bit more complicated than that. Can't you just see them receiving a note the way corporations send out when they're firing people that they're heartbroken but they are just wonderful people and they just had to do this and so on. But anyways, these notes are going to have to be a bit more sophisticated because the way things are going to be working out, it's not only that are these people's services are no longer needed, but that their lives are not only no longer necessary, but their lives, their presence on this planet, is on an obstacle to survival of the whole system. So we call it the great global downsizing to put in the spirit of the modern corporate world.


The problem is these people are going to be downsized into the hereafter. Now a lot of these people are probably not going to be very enthusiastic when they find out what their real fate is. They're probably not going to take this in a very kindly manner - it's like for them it's like a videogame. The HDTV screen will be saying game over for their supposedly wonderful career in the plutocracy. So obviously there is going to be a lot of violence and what this will do will be to accelerate the already huge trend in the so-called democratic world towards the creation of a totalitarian police state on the grounds that they have to stop terrorism, whatever the flavor of the month is in terms of the argument and so on. And there will be enough carnage and chaos to just provide a very rational argument for the creation of the totalitarian state.


So democracy, human rights, these things will be swept aside as a much more ruthless group of people come to power. Now as things evolve, another issue is going to reemerge that has been taboo since World War II and since the defeat of Nazi Germany, and that is the biotechnology revolution and the manipulation of the human genome the human genetic code. Now in Nazi Germany, there was an effort, there was an effort on a number of different levels for the structure of the human species. In the SS and in the structure of the Nazi state there was an effort to breed a kind of super race - breed a superior form of people and so on. Now this had to be done in a very laborious manner according to their rather narrow theories in terms of studying genealogical tables going back to the 17th century and their definition of what they thought race was in restricting things to people who look this way or that way. Scientific research now shows that this was very primitive and a lot of it very ill-conceived.

In the 21st century you're talking about genetic manipulation on a scale that would make the SS, Himmler and Hitler look like just positive amateurs. It will be possible to clone dead human beings. More so, it will be possible to manipulate the genetic code itself to breed a super being or a collection of superfreaks, let's face it, there will probably be some miscues in terms of getting this right, maybe a lot of miscues, but that's going to be happening and as order collapses and a more ruthless world emerges that's undoubtedly going to be tried.What country would not want to have the creation of hyper intelligent people, what nation would not want to breed a collection of super warriors, if only for military point of view? I can already hear this, "we've got to do it because of national security" so on and so forth, so that's also going to be coming.

Getting back to Nazi Germany by the way and the previous discussion we had about euthanasia, it was in Nazi Germany that you have the T4 program, which was an effort to revive the Spartan program of ancient Sparta for the elimination of birth defects and so on and so forth and that was quite openly discussed at the Nuremberg rallies and other places.

So all this is going to be a more ruthless world and this is something that's going to have to be considered as we return to a more stable environmental state with a huge human death toll in the process. This is the end of this lecture