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What weíre going to talk about today is the real future VS the fake future those in power the money lords and their puppets present a fake future people such as Mr. Gates present a fake future that there plutocratic world and their big-money charities are going to create a wonderful world where you the average citizen of our planet are going to have a wonderful wife this isnít true now it really shouldnít be shocking that itís not true because when you look at the basic data of whatís going on or you just look around you you see the biological foundations of life are being destroyed by the political economic system that enables people such as Mr. Gates and his fellow plutocrats to have billions and billions and billions of dollars now from their point of view it is a good system and in the short term the right but it isnít really very good for them because to be a rich plutocrat in a world that youíre destroying is not good itís not

we need to talk about whatís real and whatís not which is been a continuing theme of our organization since we were founded in 1995 whatís real and whatís not whatís propaganda and whatís not whatís virtual-reality and whatís actual reality now actual reality is going to be the living and the dead itís not just winners and losers the biological foundations of life have been so weakened that very large numbers of people are going to end up dead we calculate a death coal in the billions that is a grim event so so our leaders should be doing something to prevent that right this assumes a certain minimum level of decency insanity of the people at the top now their response has been as follows in the person of people such as Clinton and Obama you have had a subversion of forces of potential reform in the American Democratic Party and this is been to either greatly underplay the scale of the danger or to present a fairytale future and deceive people such as Clinton who presented this plutocratic wonderland of world trade and high-technology that was going to create this high-tech utopia it was all a fairytale it whatís and the trade policies that Clinton put through in the short term were very profitable to powerful business interests that supported Clinton they were catastrophic for the middle class in this country and the trade policies that Clinton unleashed would continue to go forward right up to this day absolutely eviscerating the middle class Clinton claimed that he was promoting some great technological transition that auto factories manufacturing would shut down and moved to quote more efficient places such as the totalitarian dictatorship of China and then fairytale industries would appear and would employee the people who lost their jobs so well never happened Clinton fairytale industries were just that fairytales of what was not a fairytale was the huge accumulation of wealth of the plutocrats at the top who made this transition

now in 2016 public patience with this sort of nonsense wore out and people voted for Donald Trump as president of unfortunately Trump is a madman who while acknowledging the problems which is good at least in trade is actually making things worse with a whole series of crazy actions that are very dangerous and read in in terms of the actual trade deficit is actually gone up under Trump it hasnít gone down so thatís thatís another issue but America in the 2016 election had a kind of collective nervous breakdown which in a way was very understandable because the the people who shouldíve offered reform the Democrats continue to promote a plutocratic agenda that was contrary to the laws of nature and was destroying the American middle class itís really not very mysterious itís important to understand that the people at the top at the moment are not going to solve the problems and they really have no intention of solving the problems the there in a political dilemma however because the scale of the disaster is coming into view and thereís more and more unrest below the surface important reforms like Medicare for all and a green new dealer finally emerging into the mainstream of politics it may very well be too late because we should continue to support these goals but itís very important understand that the legacy of Clinton and Obama is extremely severe as well as the totally disastrous policies of Bush and Trump so thereís a dynamic going on here and there is a dynamic that reform is going to force its way onto the agenda

†the emergence of the young Swedish schoolgirl Greta Totenberg is very interesting because you listen to her closely her contempt for the establishment liberals is truly scathing and they are trying to sort of pretend theyíre going along with her but they have no intention of doing when you look at the big picture you have to realize that the people in power are social paths a good part of these people are social because theyíre not nice people Barack Obama was not a nice person this is someone who bombed more countries than any president since World War II is somebody who conducted the most comprehensive campaign to crush civil liberties of any president since World War II this is not a good pus and know that he is not is not a good person who teamed up with the murderous regime in Saudi Arabia to unleash a reign of genocide and mass murder on the people of Yemen indeed Obama bragged about him and he said that was an example where his policies were really working see so these are not good people so the the dynamic is for radical reform the dynamic is also likely for the emergence of authoritarian leaders

†people talk about Trump as as is dictator or fascist or whatever Trump is really a force of destruction the very few similarities between Trump and Hitler Hitler was a very sophisticated politician as was Mussolini who gained the support of about 90% of the German people likewise Mussolini 90% of the people of Italy Trump is a a mentally deranged lunatic was really kind of a force of destruction and thatís where we go back to the issue of the living and the debt then living in the debt very large numbers of people are being killed by the current system right now thatís a fact itís it this is not a good system this is a very malevolent system but thatís nothing compared to the scale of the death toll is coming again this should be very hard to figure out if you destabilize the environment if you destabilize the weather good things are not going to happen and we we could go on to the wholesale destruction of vast parts of the natural world the highly toxic nature of industrial agriculture we could go on for hours about whatís happening but you can come to our website and see whatís going on the important thing to understand is the concept of the living and the dead the concept that this is a game of death this is an extremely malevolent system we would hope that democracy would solve this but thatís increasingly unlikely and what we need to get ready for is whatís always emerged in situations such as this which is the emergence of the Caesarís the emergence of centralized charismatic leaders these people will not be like Trump they will not be psychotic clowns these people will be very sophisticated and will gain tremendous levels of support and youíre gonna have to concentrate power you can have the kind of political of foolishness that you have right now the the effort in the West since World War II to turn Anglo-American style pseudo-democracy in the some sort of religion are some ultimate end of civilization is one lunatic put in the book it is is absurd and itís itís becoming itís becoming exposed as as an absurdity and things will go in America the way they went in ancient Greece and ancient Rome when previous failed democracies collapse so we await the coming of the Caesarís we need to think through how they will appear in different countries and how they will will move towards a resolution of current problems nature

people to what they want to protect nature Dorey nature is quite capable of protecting itself itís been here for billions of years natureís gonna rip these people limb from limb nature has hundreds of millions of years to clean up the mess created by these people when you look at the well today you realize that the crisis we have is the world that was created in 1945 by American-style liberal capitalism and Soviet style communism rarely have to ideologies been so completely insane when it comes to the biological foundations of life but life will prevail life will prevail and the systems of death are going to be swept away so we need to continue to prepare continue to think continue to plan in terms of the coming title wave of revolutions and how they will unfold and and see if the who will be among the ranks of the survivors see how all this will unfold the the decision by the political establishment left to promote a war with Russia itís got to be one of the most disastrous decisions in modern times and even more insane is Trumpís pulling out of the intermediate range nuclear weapons treaty this is further setting the stage for huge death toll so stay tuned and continue to think we are going to publish more from the ancient world to see how the coming Caesarís are going to emerge the Caesarís are coming they are they are going to clean up the mess or try to clean up the mess created by the failed systems of today itís always happened in the past it will happen in the future this is whatís going to be happening this is the end of this lecture