We are going to talk about today is the theme that we have discussed ever since we were founded back in 1995 and that is the disconnect between the fake future and the real future. False ideologies throughout history have always presented a fake future to the people that they rule. This is not new. The reason for that is to be able to control dissent. If they convince people that having them in charge is going to create a wonderful
future them and their families and so on, well if people believe that nonsense they're less likely to rebel against a situation that might not look so good in terms of justice and fairness and common sense and so on and so forth. The problem with that proposal though is that the truth eventually emerges and false ideologies get overthrown, and also when they get overthrown the result isn't pretty. It's usually a big bloodbath. That's the reality.


Now today we have a false ideology dominating the world: specifically, American imperialism. On this there's a paradox, in a contradiction between aspects of American imperialism. Mrs. Clinton, the prospective nominee of the Democratic Party, recently gave a very eloquent speech about multiculturalism. A subject we support. It was a great speech. The problem is that Mrs. Clinton's foreign policy is totally and completely opposed to the ideals in her speech that she claims to support. Mrs. Clinton supports a campaign of global American imperialism to crush anybody who wants to go in a different direction. It's very important when you listen to megalomaniacs such as Mr. Kagan, one of Mrs. Clinton's key advisors, and other proponents of American imperialism to understand the totally extreme and deranged nature of these people. They propose that their system is the one system, the only system for the entire planet and these are megalomaniac statements that not even Hitler made. So you got to understand behind the smiley face is something very evil and something very grim indeed. That's the great paradox of our time.


American imperialism could be described as the smiley face imperialism. Particularly liberal imperialism which emerged under Obama with people such as Mr. Kagan, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers. This is a desire to put forth the system of American imperialism prettied up on the grounds that America somehow is protecting human rights around the world. And the liberal human rights lobby has shown itself to be very willing to support imperialism. This was particularly true in Libya where the U.S intervened and supported extreme Islamic forces. Also obviously had nothing to do with democracy, but they were dressed up and presented as freedom fighters and great friends of democracy. Today Libya, not only Libya, but the whole structure of North Africa looks like something out of Mad Max. Even worse than that is what Hillary and her ilk help set in motion in Libya is likely to be a tidal wave of chaos that lasts for maybe 20 years. This is also true in Syria. It's the same song to a different tune, where Mrs. Clinton teamed up with Saudi Arabia - a real source of "democracy" - along with Qatar and Turkey to launch an invasion of Syria to overthrow the government. This also involved funding the most extreme anti-Democratic Islamic extremists. Some of whom have now evolved into the horror of ISIS.


Now getting back to the issue of the virtual future VS the real future we have to look at some basic realities. The environmental structure of the world cannot continue in its current form, and this is like a bus approaching a brick wall it's already past the stopping distance. So we're not going to get into all the details. You can go read them on our website. The key question is when all this going to happen.


Now if that's not bad enough, starting with Reagan, but particularly under George W. Bush, the huge efforts of environmental debt creation were compounded by a soaring escalation of financial debt. George Bush promised that his tax cuts for the rich were to generate surpluses - that the rich were "so productive" and getting more money in their hands was supposed to result in some great progress. That was all a fraud from day one.

Reagan tax cuts have a similar effect, leading to just horrendous deficits. Now we're not against investment incentives. We actually favor incentives relating to capital gains and estate tax reduction for creating savings. That wasn't what the Bush tax cuts were about. They were blanket across the board consumption oriented tax cuts that ended up being a disaster. To make matters worse. Bush then committed one of the greatest war crimes of the new century: the invasion of Iraq, which he said was only going to cost $64 billion. The cost now is 3 trillion and growing. And all that was put on the credit card.

Now if that wasn't bad enough, Mr. Paulson later head of Goldman Sachs who later became Treasury Secretary during the big crash of 2008 led a delegation of geniuses from Wall Street to the Bush administration in 2004 and got what ridiculously was known as the Bear Stearns rule. Now why was it called the Bear Stearns rule? Because Bear Stearns was supposedly so solid it could never go under, right? Of course it ended up being one of the first firms to collapse. But anyway, the main point of the Bear Stearns rule was to throw away any limitations on the escalation of the buildup of debt on Wall Street, and this has all been compounded by the corruption of companies propping up their stock with stock buybacks as opposed to actually doing something that helps the U.S economies. All of this is an upside down pyramid of debt, and that's not likely to end happily.


Now one of the reasons why this is going on when you come right down to it is the liberal establishment, the ruling elites in America, what they think at the at the end of the day is that if things go wrong the poor are going to get screwed - particularly the poor outside the center of their imperial power, outside the borders of the United States of America. Or the borders of Europe that the poor are going to be on the receiving end, and this will be not so good for India, not so good for Pakistan, not so good for Africa, so on and so on and so forth.


These are the delusions of a deluded and evil ruling elite because the bottom line is that America is a sitting duck for problems in global environmental policy. The entire American Southwest is an artificial world, and even slight changes in the climate will simply make Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Arizona basically uninhabitable. And they were to a large extent uninhabitable to begin with. It was a huge process of pumping out the aquifers and other one-way trips that created this world. The American upper classes in the liberal elite are so incompetent that America does not have the kind of national health insurance that Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany had back in the 19th century. That makes America a sitting duck for a biological terror attack or an epidemic and we haven't even gotten around to discussing things such as an EMP attack, a sort of negative karma on America which is discussed on our website and we will go into the details there. But a solar flare from the sun, such as the Carrington effect of 1859, which many scientists say is virtually inevitable, and if it takes place you'll literally shut down a good part of the United States. You will have mass starvation in the United States, because you will simply fry all solid-state circuits. As a sort of a paradox of the nemesis of technology, the old technology will work. The new technology will be taken out. And then you have things such as the fact that the Yellowstone super volcano - if that ever erupted - it would take out a good part of the United States. But you have the delusions of grandeur of an elite at the top.


Now when you know what hits the fan here it isn't going to be pretty. So we need to think about what's coming. What's coming is violence. You better believe it. What's coming is violence and violence on the internal level and also international violence - otherwise known as war. So that's going to be coming. Political instability will be coming. Political instability is always temporary. Because technically political instability leads to the rise of totalitarianism. So what will be going out the window is open elections democracy as we know it and the emergence of totalitarian states. Now what is particularly disquieting on this is how the liberal establishment elite such as Obama has carried forward bushes legal revolution in terms of totalitarianism.


There is a very visionary guy, we don't totally agree with him on everything, but a very visionary guy is Chris Hedges, who sees inverted totalitarianism. That while the elite are telling everybody that everything is wonderful and dishing up the kind of nonsense of people like Warren Buffett - that the system is sound, hang in there everybody, that the reality is that they are putting through a legal revolution that will enable them to convert America to a totalitarian state. So that's what that's another example of what's real and what's not real. Anyway, when this process collapses there's going to be a lot of violence. So we need to think about what that world is going to be like - that's what we need to think about, and not waste time thinking about some fairytale world that is not going to be like that.


This is where we come with Bernie Sanders. We as an organization cannot get involved in politics, but individually we have supported Bernie Sanders because he's got very important moral ideas and a lot of his ideas are obviously just basic common sense. The problem with Sanders is that he has not challenged the issue of American imperialism directly. Only very weakly. And he has not really discussed the grim nature of all this. According to Sanders, the solution is just to raise taxes on the rich and...I don't know...we will have free goodies for everybody? That is not real. I know it's not because Sanders doesn't deal with the royally screwed up and deeply diseased structure of American life. We do feel though Sanders is a prophetic voice in American politics by raising the moral and ethical issues that he's raised. I think the Sanders campaign is a major net plus in terms of the public discussion, but it's also important to see what he has not done and that's where we come in to articulate a realistic view of the future. Also to reach out to the future revolutionary leaders who are going to come to power. That's extremely important, as well as in putting out stuff to hopefully try to peacefully reform the system, such as our building a sustainable future and things like that. That might actually wake up the elites. But we don't see a discussion in public policy about the severity of the problem, and that's extremely disquieting.


Another issue that needs to be faced head-on is the issue of imperialism. The current U.S defense budget is larger than the other seven defense budgets in the world combined. This has nothing to do with national defense. It has everything to do with imperialism. And this is extremely dangerous because this is bleeding white an already sick economy. What's more important is that it's likely to get the U.S. into war with other countries. As usual the peace groups are not really doing anything. They are going around and saying "We like peace! Isn't that wonderful?" So they're not really getting involved in issues such as Ukraine, which could start a confrontation with Russia that could actually fry everybody on the planet and everything goes go south in a not very good way. But the arms race is bleeding white the U.S economy and could get the U.S into wars with other countries. Understand that while the U.S defense budget is ridiculously large in terms of a national defense, it is actually inadequate for the delusions of people such as Mr. Kagan, who was Mrs. Clinton's key advisor on defense. Their limited delusions require much larger defense budget to support their lunatic schemes of taking over the entire planet and that's not going to happen. That's not going to happen because countries like China and Russia are not going to tolerate what America is doing. This is very dangerous. You see the whole idea that we have to position all these troops...that we have to pivot to Asia...if you look at history this is setting up the stage for confrontation. It's setting up a kind of World War I. It's a tripwire for war, rather than making everybody safer.


So these are facts to keep in mind. The main point as we go forward is to get ready for the violent future. The real future that's coming. Not the fake virtual reality that is being put out by the plutocrats and the liberal establishment. It's very important to understand as an incestuous relationship between the plutocrats of the liberal establishment, the liberal establishment is sort of sugarcoated plutocracy. You cannot trust them. Some of these people are sincere, yes, but these people are not to be trusted. Know they are not and so you need to realize that something much harsher is coming to replace them.


We're at an inflection point. It's like pulling a spring back in a totally perverted direction and when it when it finally comes flying back to normal know that it's not going to be pretty. So these are facts. We need to keep in mind and put into in detail looking back into what happens in more detail in the ancient world when democracy collapsed and so on. We need to be thinking creatively about the ideologies that will be coming to power.

That's the end of this lecture.