Sun Tzu is considered to be the greatest philosopher of war in ancient China. Some people regard him as the greatest philosopher of war in history. What is victory? What is victory? Victory is the control of the mind of the enemy. That is victory. It's important to understand that basic point. In our world today, as in all eras of history, there is a struggle for the control of the mind. Here in America, the education system, and the media, are enormous systems of mind control. Children are taught from an early age that the American political and economic systems are the crowns of human creation. People are told that there is no alternative to these systems. That it is not realistic to stand up against these systems. People are told that money is the ultimate goal of life. There is a reason for these ideas, because if people can be deceived into believing these ideas, they become slaves for the people who benefit from the system.


Think about it. If people really believe that resistance is hopeless, as Sun Tzu would say, their minds are controled. They will be very well behaved slaves, and they will do what the system wants them to do. In order to think clearly, you need to think about standing up for truth. You see truth isn't negotiable, and in all the religions of the world, is an awareness of God, is an awareness of fate, is an awareness of eternal laws. In our time, we have a system that is a complete contradiction of eternal laws, even in terms of the most basic obvious aspects of common sense. Looking at the environmental structure of the world, it is very obvious that this is a road to suicide. But this is not what the education system presents. The education system presents that the American system is the road to Paradise, rather than the road to suicide. And this is repeated again, and again, and again.


Now we are approaching a very important turning point in world history, where there is a running out - if you want to speak mythologically of the threat - and the system is simply falling apart from within. The system cannot continue in its current form. Therefore, there is a need for people to stand up as prophetic voices. Yet people are fed the propaganda - "well what can I do?" "How can I do something?" "I guess it's not realistic." Even more deceitful is the argument that "well one day I'll make money and then I'll do something." Here's a reality, that you find truth by moving towards it, not moving away from it; and the natural world is the reflection of truth. So if you move towards the natural world, you have a clearer picture of what's real and what's not real. If you move away from it, if you get lost in the world of corporate money worship, you will move away from it. And there's the subconscious part of the mind, as opposed to the conscious part of the mind. The more you are involved in toxic ideologies in a toxic system, the more your mind gets confused. Now what is needed is prophetic voices today.


Prophetic voices are needed and you can't be thinking about "What can I do." You have to turn the question around. "Is is the system bankrupt or not?" And great turning points in history are where people are inspired by prophetic voices and confront truth with reality. It may be just one person, but one person can make a huge difference, and you cannot be deceived by the endless propaganda that you can't do anything. Because as far as you do that, you are a slave, you have allowed yourself to be enslaved. And the more you get involved in moving away from truth, the more you get involved in the worship of money, of competing with other people for money, the more you're likely to get mentally confused. There is the subconscious part of the mind and there is the conscious part of the mind. The entire intellectual structure of the modern world is bankrupt today and it will only be redeemed through an awakening of the subconscious part of the mind. But people have to have the courage to step forward. People have to have the courage to take risks. If you do not have the courage, you will be buried and ultimately going along with the system is not realistic. That perhaps the biggest lie of all. Because the system is headed for disaster.


The future that you were being told about in school is a future that will never exist. It's a never never land that's never going to happen - and you're buying, you're being deceived, you are being a sucker, you are being sold a bunch of garbage, and prostituting yourself, and ruining your own lives about nonsense. So you need to figure out "What can I do?" And that's where Underground Web World comes in. We give people the digital tools to awaken the spirit within themselves, the guidance, so they can go out and be prophetic voices. We can't tell each and every person who comes to our website what they can and cannot do. We don't know that. We can say that doing nothing isn't an option here. It's not. And you will never figure out what you can do unless you go out and try to do what you can. It's that simple. Throughout the great religions of the world, there's moral responsibility. Each person has a moral responsibility. It's like in ancient India. It's the law of Dharma and Karma. Dharma is the law of what you should do. Karma is where you move back and forth on that frame of reference. So for you - for those of you who are listening, you face the same choice that people have faced since the beginning of time. Where do you stand? Are you going to do nothing as the planet is destroyed? It's something that you need to think about and we recommend that you come to our website and learn about what you can do. Do not be frightened by the false leaders of today. They are headed for oblivion. You need to think about what you need to do and think about what you can do to stop the evil direction of the world as we know it. We can't sum all this up in one lecture, so we recommend you come to our website, read our Vision for Artist's Page, look at the Activist Guide to see what you can do.