This lecture is primarily for internal use on planning about some ideas we should give a higher level of priority. We ought to add to our action guides some kind of guide on life organization.  It's a question of who our target audience is.  Obviously, we have a number of target audiences, but a key part of our target audience is the future leaders of tomorrow, and these are people who are highly alienated from the current toxic status quo, and these people are the hope.



 Now, one of the things we need to explain to people is how to reprocess your mind from all the garbage put out by the education system,  particularly in America, but also the very negative aspects of the education system in Europe too. And we need to educate people more about philosophy, and linking back to material on our website such as Plato and Aristotle. But overall, not just that, the contradiction of modern society versus the scientific realities of the environment on about 1 million different issues. And that's point 1. Point 2 is the lack of a very good likelihood that political reform can solve this, because the society itself is such a complete contradiction of reality. It exists by means of debt - environmental debt, financial debt, that creates this artificial world that makes people think that everything is okay. Or maybe not everything is okay, but it's not at a level of crisis requiring radical reform, translate: let's do nothing and let the plutocrats keep on ruling.

So, we need to talk more about not associating on a regular basis with mentally diseased people, i.e. the upper class - most of the upper classes in this country, the need to spend time alone, particularly in the morning to be creative, drinking coffee in the morning in my view can be constructive, and how to write. Basic issues also about health and stress, because this society is filled with stress, basic issues also about what to eat and what not to eat, issues about medical care, and how to keep yourself from being poisoned, issues about gun ownership, and how to be prepared for the chaos to come, the need to organize - very important - the need to network. These are all a lot of different subjects.


But it's been a long-term plan from day one - at World Future Fund - to have a curriculum for schools, so on and so forth, and this is a very essential point. One thing that's very important particularly for elementary and secondary schools is issues about exercise and health for people, which is generally just completely ignored, as well as financial management, and so on. We've also discussed the issue of intelligent training for work, as opposed to this higher education swindle, which is connected to the banks and other people like that. There's an alliance between the liberal establishment - which is directly plugged into the grossly incompetent and corrupt education industry, particularly at the college and university level - and the banks, the same kind of criminals who engineered the real estate swindles and so on, are also very heavily involved in student debt.

Future leaders need to be able to think clearly, and make very difficult decisions. And they need to understand how to communicate their own ideas. We have the tactical guides for communicating in terms of technology, but I, perhaps, need to put more down in writing my own skills of training people to speak in public, training people to appear on TV, and you know, how that works, more ideas for rehearsing that. Throughout all of this, is the issue of ideology. The issue of ideology is really not that complicated: stop the criminal destruction of the planet. And this is a global criminal system that's destroying the planet, get back to basic principles of sanity, not just environmental sanity, but just general sanity. So, that's not really all that complicated, but we do need to give ideas to how people can be more effective, and ultimately to gain a position of power, where they will control the education system, take over the education system, and throw out the current propaganda system that is basically just dispensing garbage. It's very important to understand that the so-called postwar consensus of 1945 is a totally artificial system. This promotion of plutocracy in some vague and confused idea of democracy and human rights, this is rubbish. It's nothing that's really connected to reality. And as we've mentioned before, reality is going to intrude no matter what these people do. But we need to - - there's a spiritual aspect of this thing, of how people can lead a life so that they can be powerful spokespeople, artists, visionaries that will help set in motion the revolution that's coming, which is basically inevitable.



Now for internal use only, this also relates to the question of the level of involvement in US politics that we might have, because the US system is so full of rot, so full of garbage, that's a question of being lured into a doomed venture. And we need our power to communicate and be creative. So these are unresolved questions that we've been struggling with the last of couple of years: the issue of the level of involvement in politics, and we'll probably continue to struggle with this through early 2014. By early 2014, a lot of these things I think should begin to clarify themselves. Also of there's a growing likelihood that the economic house of cards will finally not make it through 2014, so that's a year potentially of decision. This is not the most well-organized lecture, but it raises some questions that we need to think about more clearly.

When I look back, I wish that I had World Future Fund and Underground Web World when I was in college, and the beginning of my career. It could have saved a huge amount of grief: to expose delusions, and give people solid grounds for hope, as opposed to the very narrow-minded agenda that makes people think, "oh, the American dream must be the only way, and if that doesn't work, well I guess things are hopeless." Things are not hopeless, and there's a primeval will to live, a primeval will to survive, a primeval will to overcome, and people can't be brainwashed into believing -- that's why there's a lot of depression in American society. People are told that the American pile of shit is -- and also in Europe. Very sympathetic to Europe, there are big problems in Europe, in terms of the narrow-minded thinking over there. And people are told "this is the only way." It's not the only way. And it certainly would be a depressing world if that was the only way, something like Angela Merkel in Germany was the only way, the only way things could work, I mean what a dreadful thought that is.

So, it is not the only way, and history shows that it is not the only way. And those things are going to be destroyed. Somebody like Merkel represents nothing. She represents disease. She represents rot. She represents garbage. And there's a better world out there. There's a better world out there. It'll be a very bloody world as we get to where we need to be, where we need to go, we hope that could be avoided, but that's very unlikely. But that's what makes life worth living. And it's something primeval, it's something subconscious, the will to survive, the will to live, the will to overcome. And you can't let yourself be brainwashed by the fact that you can only live your life in the context of this narrow-minded, sick American dream. So, that's an outline of of some ideas of where we need to go. End of lecture.