The subject of this lecture is Anglo-American imperialism. We have recently been studying the history of India and it is apparent that there are lessons about today’s Anglo-American imperialism that need to be remembered so that we understand what the world is dealing with in the first place.


Probably at least 10 million people in India were murdered by the British. They were murdered in a very British manner, which was manipulating the economy for greed of the British money Lords in London. It’s very carefully documented in books like Late Victorian Holocausts in which the British were content to murder the people of India for their own greed. They were also willing to murder the people of India for their own military imperialist goals and this was clearly the case in the Bengal famine in 1943 where the British murdered millions of the Indian people by diverting food from them to the British Imperial war effort. Now those are the facts. That’s what happened.



Furthermore, in 1700, before the British began to take over India, India was one of the largest economies of the world. Once India became a colony of in England, it was basically looted financially and the total loss according to many Indian economists is trillions and trillions of dollars. No one will probably know the full figure, unfortunately.



There’s a myth perpetuated of the "benevolent" British rule in India and the "benevolent" role of Anglo-American imperialism in Indian life. The facts that we describe should put that whole idea to rest right away. But let’s go over some others. One of the most disgusting and criminal things was the manner in which the British left India and we also need to get our facts straight about that. One of the main reasons why the British left India was that the people in India so hated England that the majority of them almost certainly supported Japan and Germany during World War II. Now after World War II, the British tried to put on trial the Indian citizens who had served in the Army of Subhas Chandra Bose, who had sided with the Japanese, and by the way, was a very major figure in Indian politics, is a major figure in the Congress party, this is not some fringe individual. Anyway, the end result of that was riots all over India, which scared the living daylights out of the British. England was basically bankrupt after World War II. It was falling apart at the seams etc. So at that point in time, the British made the decision that they needed to skedaddle out of India as fast as possible.


Now in conjunction with that, they sent in a fellow by the name of the Lord Mountbatten. We now know by the way that he was a rampant sexual child molester. His wife was also some sort of sexual crackpot, including having a sexual affair with Nehru, the golden boy of the British establishment to head up India. The whole process frankly was just a complete mess. Mountbatten really didn’t know what the hell he was doing. Nor did Lord Radcliffe, who helped set the boundaries, and Lord Radcliffe had so much confidence in his work that he burned all his records, true story, before he left India, so no one would be able to figure out why he did what he did. But what happened was that because of the bias towards Nehru, Pakistan was cheated out of key territories by the British

Now in fairness Mountbatten was so incompetent, and the whole process was such an incompetent mess, that there was, as in many cases of Anglo-American imperialism, there’s a gray line between incompetence and malevolence connected but relating to Kashmir, a Muslim majority province. There is absolutely no question that this was put in Indian control by the intrigues of Nehru and Mountbatten. Nehru is a particularly disgusting individual. He went to Cambridge. He was a product of the British upper-class education. He was the perfect golden boy for the British establishment and could be the perfect face of an independent India. Anyway, the end result of Mountbatten intrigues and incompetence was just a bloodbath and a death toll leading up to the slaughter of millions and millions and millions of Indian people and the forced migration of goodness knows how many millions more and laying the groundwork for the Kashmir crisis which going right up to today is a tremendous disaster.

Mountbatten, being the typical upper-class British fraud, claimed that he was a soldier and that no one would be injured. Well, that statement was of course a fraud like so many aspects of British imperialism. A fraud from day one. He hadn’t had nowhere near the number of troops to protect the citizens, in fact it was precisely because Britain was so weakened that they were one of the reasons the Independence Day so rushed was the British were so unpopular they were fearing the whole country might rise up against them and lynch them. So again, this was not some great act of charity by British imperialism. However, you see this is all repackaged about how the benevolent British claimed that they created the world’s largest democracy and look there was this wonderful westernized character Nehru as the public face of this. So you never hear the end of it. During the 50s and 60s and on that the world’s largest democracy had been benevolently created by England and America




Now in today’s world we see the nightmare of Mr. Modi and the racist fascist nightmare of his whole policy, his nuclear policy and so on. So it clearly hasn’t worked out. Now the bad news doesn’t stop there. The really bad effects of Western imperialism on India may be ahead of us, not behind us, because of the destructive forms of development the "advanced" English and Americans imposed on India. Gandhi was portrayed as a fool because he favored local Indian handicrafts, and we're not going to debate whether he was realistic or not realistic. What is beyond debate, is not a matter of debate, is the wholesale destruction of the environment promoted by England and America is emerging as a total catastrophe for India today. The Ganges is a cesspool, it really is, it’s revolting. The rivers of India are filled with poison and the whole structure of development has created a complete toxic filthy wasteland all over India

Now one of the most nasty and horrendous aspects of Western development came in the 1960s from the Anglo-American establishment, particularly the American liberal establishment before the foundation, yes the same people who supported the Vietnam War, and spraying agent orange on Vietnamese civilians, that was McGeorge Bundy, by the way an American upper-class patrician from the boarding school system and so on. So McGeorge Bundy and people like that favored what was the green revolution. Now there was a food crisis growing in India as population expanded, but fortunately, we were told the great white liberal fathers from the West rushed to the rescue with the green revolution. Wasn’t that a wonderful thing? The green revolution consisted of pumping water out of underground aquifers, a one-way trip by the way, building huge dams and other environmental disaster which we discussed on our website, but much more important introducing a system of death in agriculture. The green revolution involved dosing the soil with huge amounts of phosphates and then using pesticides and herbicides to kill virtually everything that didn’t relate to what big business wanted is the greatest system of death ever unleashed on nature. Now it did increase yields, that’s true it did, and we as an organization are not automatically opposed to all GMO’s or whatever. However, the structure of the green revolution as it was introduced has been an environmental disaster of absolutely horrendous dimensions. It is very important to understand how toxic this is. That most pesticides come from the same family as the nerve gas Zyklon B, used by the Nazis in Auschwitz and their camps. Indeed Zyklon B was a pesticide. That’s what it was originally designed for. So that’ll give you an idea of how toxic this whole thing was

Now had the Western powers had any brains, and had they any competence they would listen to their own national security advisers back in 1953, who urged them to create a scientific program to develop solar power as Ralph Nader pointed out the sun has this nasty habit of going directly to your home bypassing your local utility company. We can see the problem right there. Also solar power had been developed how that would help the coal companies and the oil companies, well you can see a problem right there. So it was not developed and in the 1950s you had a Republican pro-oil administration. But most important in the Senate, the Senate Majority Leader was a good old Texas oil boy by the name of Lyndon Johnson from Texas. He was Senate Majority Leader and in the house you had a good old Texas oil boy called Sam Rayburn who was the speaker of the house and together they created a postwar petroleum-based economy. Now had the world move towards solar power the global warming would not exist. The skies over the super cities of India and other places would be clear today, but this was deliberately not chosen. It is not some mysterious forces of market forces. I don’t think anybody’s really stupid enough to believe that, possibly people are dumb enough to believe that this was the very deliberate choice not to invest in solar power and instead invest in and forces of energy controlled by money lords in London and all America. So that was where all that went



Now we have to ask where are things going now. The real consequences of what England and America did in the case of India are the really serious consequences are likely to be ahead not behind us. See the conventional wisdom even people who admit the crimes of England and India say well that was terrible but my gosh they got the world’s largest democracy and isn’t that wonderful. On that now they’ve got, according to people like Tom Friedman, they got free enterprise buildings and high-tech Wonderland. Isn’t that wonderful? And so on and so forth. Well these are delusions and what is going to happen in India is likely to be horrendous because of what we already have is a horrendous environmental disaster. But we’re facing a really horrendous agricultural disaster in places like the breadbasket of the world in the Punjab because pumping out the aquifers is one way trip okay. Yeah it is and it is even worse than it sounds because of the corruption of the Indian government that they deliberately haven’t checked out what’s going on in the aquifers so that’s one problem.

A second problem is the emergence of a Hindu religious extremist movement from the RSS through the BJP. These people are a real barrel of laughs because you have just unbelievable series of religious delusions and make an extreme delusions that this is some giant turning point in history. The atomic bomb is the sword of Shiva’s might anybody gets in the way of these people and so on and so forth so that led to as the BJP launched a major nuclear program that led to Pakistan developing an atomic bomb so now we have a nuclear arms race on the subcontinent of India. On top of that, going back to the horrible legacy of Anglo-American, as Mr. Modi to promote racism and chauvinism has drastically revised the civil rights of the Muslim majority and in Kashmir, this all is not going to end well. Another theory as usual is don’t worry the foreign policy experts will handle this in both Pakistan and India. You have growing religious extremist forces that are not likely to be terribly rational so the outcome of this is very problematical.


But the bigger point that we need to understand from this whole horrible situation is don’t trust Anglo-American imperialism and in particular don’t trust liberal imperialism, the kind represented by people such as Barack Obama, Susan Rice and Samantha power. You don’t want to trust those people. These people are sociopaths. They are extremely malevolent people as can be documented by their actions which is the subject of other lectures. But that’s the lesson. That’s the legacy of of these people and we need to learn from that and people around the world, particularly in Third World countries, need to look at this form of imperialism for the malevolent force that it is and go forward and try to create their own destiny not the destiny chosen for them by Wall Street or tycoons in Silicon Valley or deranged geopolitical lunatics in the Washington DC imperialist foreign policy establishment. There’s going to have to be a rearrangement of world power where the the grip of Anglo-American imperialism is reduced. In today’s American imperialism England is going completely to Hell, particularly with Brexit and the election of another upper-class dolt in the form of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and swine by the name of Tamron who helped set in motion this Brexit madness. So it’s really American imperialism, but American imperialism is inspired by British imperialism and has a lot of the same malevolent aspects. This is a lesson. People need around the world need to go back to their own heritages and come up with a different environmental model, a different economic model to save themselves from disaster. That’s the end of this lecture.