We've been following global future trends for 15 years. Today for the first time - speaking in symbolic terms - for the first time, we can begin to see the title wave forming out on the horizon. We can begin to see the result of a criminal and bankrupt world system. The problems we face have been building for years, and they are the result of years of lies, years of irresponsibility, years of criminality. They are the result of the greatest mass murder, the greatest destruction of life, in world history. It is important to understand that this is a crisis of the system. It is not a question of a good system that somehow made some tactical errors. After World War II, two of the most insane systems in the history of the world, in terms of environmentalism, terms took over the planet: Plutocratic Capitalism and Soviet Communism. It is apparent now what the result of these systems is in the world of reality.


After the collapse of Soviet Communism, there were a lot of delusions about plutocratic capitalism, about building a "Never Never Land" here - a fairyland. These delusions are crumbling. What we see is a kind of tearing away of the veil, a revelation of what the system really is like. So where do we go from here? Well, what is readily apparent since the global economy started falling apart at the seams, in September 2008, is that the current political order is totally and completely unwilling to reform itself. Or maybe it's just so morally depraved it can't. In country after country, particularly in the land of the West, there's been just runaway debt to pay off old debt. In fact, there's a growing divide in the world. If you look at China, which is an environmental catastrophe, but in terms of economics, China has shown far greater wisdom than the west. China is investing huge amounts in the future. The Chinese took the opportunity to have an intelligent long-term stimulus plan, which will benefit the long-term Chinese economy. Whereas in America, you had a ridiculous politically contrived stimulus plan that just ran up $1 trillion more debt. This isn't going to work.


Now, the political structure of the West has shown that these people aren't going to reform themselves, they aren't: the plutocratic elite that dominates the West, and the kind of muddled sort of liberalism in America that failed to put through reforms in the New Deal that were necessary (like healthcare and so on and so forth). This is not going to be a force for reform. It is not. So the problems we're talking about aren't going to be reformed by the political system. Instead reality is going to intrude on fantasy. Now, when reality intrudes on fantasy, things are going to start getting really interesting, because the turmoil that we've seen in 2010 in places like Greece and Thailand is just a tiny opening gun of what's to come; because, particularly in America, which has been really the single most troubled economy in the world, where you have just a total lack of savings - an explosion of debt -totally irresponsible long-term environmental policies and so on, the cost of reform is going to be politically prohibitive.


So when it comes in, the reforms, which will be imposed from without, because the political system is too bankrupt to impose them from within, this will set off huge internal turmoil. People will claim the cost of the reform is unnecessary, but far more likely - that will be part of it - but far more prevalent shall we say will be a dispute about whether the reform is "fair". This group will claim that they are being unfairly asked to sacrifice; another group will say that they are being unfairly asked to sacrifice. The American people are so far off in dreamland, that this is likely to lead to violence inside America. It is also going to lead to tremendous strains inside the American federal system, due to the structure, among other things, of America's insane healthcare system. The Medicaid system where the states are required to pay huge amounts of healthcare, and Obama's healthcare plan, is likely to make the strains even worse, because that actually expands Medicaid. So again, reform will be imposed from without, because the political system is too morally depraved and too stupid to reform it from within. Now in the next lecture, we will discuss in more detail what this means.