It's the eve of summer 2011. We want to review key priorities for the rest of this year and for upcoming years. What is the main goal? The main goal is to stop the criminal destruction of the planet that we live on. That's the main goal. Everything needs to be focused in terms of that goal.

As we have mentioned it would be better if the system we lived under could reform itself but that's not very likely and their few things that could be stupider or more irresponsible than to confine thinking about political reform to issues such as democracy or the American and European parliamentary systems. The U.S. Constitution is not a religion it's not a suicide pact it's a piece of paper. It is not the be-all and end-all and there are few things more important than to think creatively about the political future. In other words maintaining the current political system and destroying the whole planet because it can't reform itself is not a moral thing to do, it also makes no sense. We are currently living in a dream world. This dream world is sustained by huge levels of financial debt and huge levels of environmental debt. It is a system that does not understand time now unfortunately time is running out and the whole system is heading for a tremendous moment of truth. It is clearly not prepared for that moment of truth.

So there's going to be a lot of turmoil coming. Our role is to warn people about the severity of the problems and warn people about the severity of the solutions, that's our role. We have to be a creative voice that is not poisoned by the insanity of the society around us.


In looking at the global situation particularly in America and the west it's important to understand that this situation we are in is the result of spiritual illness. It is not like this is a good system this is a wonderful system and it just got a little confused no no no no no no. We are living in the greatest mass murder of other forms of life since the Permian extinction. This is evil this is sick and in order to situation around we need to awaken within people in the collective unconscious an awareness of primeval realitys. There is a subconscious aspect to what we do as well as a conscious aspect for what we do. That is why we have the interest in art and music and pictures experiences that heighten people's awareness with the natural world.

Now the natural world has been so torn up and poisoned by the current world order that it's often impossible for the average person to find. Fortunately there is HDTV and so on and pictures on the Internet which is where a good part of the people will have the only chance they have to see nature. So there pluses and minuses, there pluses and minuses. On the Internet is a huge plus. The Internet is our means of reaching and awakening people. Unlike most if not almost all groups in America we look at things in a wider perspective. Were not sitting around waiting for the American political system to fix itself that's not very likely. Infacet the odds are almost overwhelming that that's going to fail.

We are looking particularly at Europe as a source of hope and we are looking at the evolution of authoritarian rule to do what authoritarian rule has always done when democracies fail, clean up the mess. The mentality of so many quote progressive environmental forces in our time is really so pathetic. You can't have a one-dimensional view of politics there've been many political systems in the world. Americans like to think of themselves as open-minded but actually America's very close minded country when it comes to the issue of political philosophy. Americans are convinced that their system is the be-all and end-all which is really a macabre joke when you take a look at what a mess it is. So obviously that kind of thinking is very destructive, malevolent, and frankly sick. So you need to awaken people with a primeval awareness of the fact that just holding elections and the whole mess of America is not likely to produce anything.

For instance if the majority of the American people are gonna vote for politicians who are going to destroy the entire planet, and kill billions of people these people need to be stopped period. It doesn't matter whether they were democratically elected or how they were elected it doesn't matter it's irrelevant. Thats no that's no justification for the commission of crimes. We have a very hard time seeing in the next 50 or so years how we will we will not lose as a planet 2 billion people and that could be very optimistic. So this is the kind of real future that's coming and again. Getting back to what we do that other people don't do is to think about and look back in history at authoritarian rule and see how that would come in to clean up the mess created by the current politicians. Again as we've mentioned today is a time of deception it's the there is a appearance of things being okay just as there was in France in 1788 or in the Eastern European nations in 1988. So the eve before a tremendous upheaval and that's where we are right now.

In looking into what's to come it's important to understand that an authoritarian solution is likely to be extremely necessary because the so-called democratic politicians are busy squabbling among themselves and can't get anything done. So your going to need somebody to come in and get things done but that is going to lead to conflict because some people are not going to accept that and that will lead to a tremendous amount of violence. There's no way around that so again our role is to conceptualize the real future to conceptualize constructive solutions to the real future that's coming. Looking back in history at structures of totalitarianism, looking back at ways in which we can awaken and awareness of the primeval and awareness of nature this is our role. This is preparation for the real future that's coming and this is what needs to get done.