We need to think about some basic concepts: truth and lies on planet Earth in the year 2013 and life and death on planet Earth in 2013 and the years to come. What we have today is a growing pattern of totalitarianism by the elites and the political classes at the top of the system. It's very important that this is bipartisan, there's a lot of talk about - particularly in America - "oh my gosh there's so much partisanship." Well actually that's not really the problem, the problem is bipartisanship for malevolent programs: Ridiculous tax cuts for the rich - tax cuts that are also stupid, which where there could be some intelligent tax cuts relating to investment, those are not done, but just mindless greed oriented, pig it out consumption oriented tax cuts; Mindless support for global campaign of military imperialism on the part of America; Invasions of countries such as Iraq and Libya and who knows what's next.


And recently we see that the liberal establishment is very much behind a pattern of totalitarian control in light of their condemnation of the Snowden revelations about massive totalitarian political controls here in America. So we have a a consensus here between the Plutocrats the money Lords of Wall Street and the liberal establishment. This goes back quite a ways in history, for instance going back to World War I where Wilson, this so-called reformer, claimed that he wanted America to be an honest broker and to be in favor of peace in World War I, while allowing big business in America to become the arsenal for British imperialism. America at the beginning of World War I thought that it was facing total bankruptcy, the theory was that the British would pull their giant investments from America which helped finance the American industrial machine and that America would collapse. The stock market was closed (virtually unprecedented in history) for nine months out of fear the entire American economy would cave in and collapse. They suddenly discovered that the war, World War I, was a business bonanza of truly epic dimensions because the British did indeed start liquidating their international investments and they used that money to pay for war supplies from America, triggering an enormous business boom. William Jennings Bryan who was Secretary of State tried to have America have an honest impartial approach. He was driven out of office and replaced by a stooge would go along with this. The most ridiculous lies were perpetuated about the Germans in the American news media and eventually in 1917 Woodrow Wilson took America into war on the grounds that he was fighting for democracy and wanted to make the world safe for democracy etc. etc. etc. and we all know how all that turned out. So this goes back a long ways between the liberal establishment and the money Lords working together.



Today you have key sections of the liberal establishment, the big university's, the big media, the big foundations in particular, the Gates foundation people like Warren Buffett the Ford foundation people like that and we're told that these are nice people. My goodness that they just are so concerned about the poor and oh they're just the most wonderful people! And they're are going to build us this wonderful world where everybody's going to have this wonderful time. These people are very poor imperialists - I mean - the Roman Empire the Persian Emperor - I mean - for empires to succeed, they have to have a system that benefits the people they rule. This is a system that will end up killing billions of people due to its enormous environmental contradiction. So this really isn't going to work. At the same time the runaway debt financially has become increasingly apparent as a road to disaster in itself. It is indeed very interesting that in the so-called center of democracy, Greece, really wasn't a real democracy. The majority the people weren't allowed to vote, but the West likes to hail Greece, the world of Pericles, who was an imperialist monster really, but they like to say we're hearkening back to these ancient values of ancient Greece. Well, let's take a look at Greece today. It doesn't look like it's doing so well. The global plutocrats are squeezing the the Greek people white and this just isn't working very well really. I mean I guess we could focus on some kind of nostalgia but this doesn't really create a very optimistic view of the future we're going to hail Greece as some sort of example of where things ought to go.



So the warning signs are everywhere all about the turmoil to come and what's going to happen is that the ability to borrow endlessly is going to stop and when that happens there's going to be a lot of turmoil. Now the plutocrats at the top of the system want to believe that, see behind behind all these smiley faced "we love everybody rhetoric" is a very ugly forms of evil they they basically at the end of the day their basic assumption is that if things go wrong which their virtually certain to do due to their incompetence that only the poor are going to get killed and unfortunately that is not really the way it's going to work - or maybe we should say fortunately in terms of the question of social justice - is not really the way it's going to work because whole sections of the United States are among the most vulnerable parts of the world for climate change and its deadly consequences. We also now have the possibility of an EMP attack from the sun which might be the ultimate form of nature striking back that could virtually shut down and kill whole sections of American society by frying the entire structure of electronics that America depends on, not totally but if a big one were to hit around Chicago, it would wipe out a good part of the electronics in the whole area and so on. These are things that of the kind of real future that's coming and as we've discussed before, what will happen is what always happens, the evolution towards some kind of dictatorial control, some kind of political cult, some kind of political Caesar, so that's that's it for today. More thought to develop where were going.