In order to understand the future you need to understand the past. You need to understand history. You need to understand time. Nature is billions of years old. The entire period of recorded history by contrast is 5000. That will put things in perspective. So you need to know what's real and what's not real. Now in looking at world history and in looking at the world today you need to understand the pursuit of power. History is the pursuit of power. It's not the pursuit of the American concept of freedom. No it is not. It's not the pursuit of the American concept of democracy. No it is not. American-style democracy is virtually negligible as a part of human history. Greek democracy and Roman democracy in the ancient world failed and were a very, very small infinitesimally small part of history. History by and large is the study of authoritarian rule and the struggle for power.


Now when we look at the world today we see Empire. We see American imperialism. Now this is not new in American history. American history has been set up not to pursue so-called "freedom," but about power and imperialism. America is based on the largest and most brutal kind of Imperial racial war ever seen in the history of the world. Now racial war is not unique, it has existed throughout history. What is unique in America is the level of hypocrisy in talking about racial war, so that people get a very confused view of who America is and what America is, as if America was somehow set up to bring people some happy little world of so-called freedom. This is not the case. It has been a struggle for power. I would say just like everybody else, but in many ways America is far more brutal. It had the most brutal campaign of genocide against the Native Americans, the most brutal slave trade in history. These are realities.


Now a lot of the problems go back to religion and the takeover of the Roman Empire in 395 by an obscure sect called Christianity, which unleashed the greatest reign of terror and religious mass murder the world has ever known. It really did not work very well. The Roman Empire in the West completely collapsed after the Christians took it over and Christianity remained a kind of back water in world history for quite a long time. The so-called dark ages were dark in Europe. They were not dark in the Middle East and Asia. Human history in general is a bloody process, but there was not a collapse of civilization in the Middle East and Asia at that time. So these are realities.


Now starting in 1492 began what is known as the "500 Year War" where the Europeans began a brutal campaign of imperialism on a global scale. This led to the creation of the largest and most genocidal slave trade in world history of people of Africa, and the largest campaign of racial and territorial genocide, the campaign to take over the American continents. And the particularly brutal part of this was in all the United States of America where you had a campaign of racial war and racial genocide that was the inspiration for Hitler's plans for racial war and racial genocide in his planned conquest of European Russia in the 1940s. Believe these are the realities. This is what actually happened. And today you have a system of American imperialism. If you do not understand that America is an imperial country, you really don't understand much of anything and you're going to get very wrong views if you try to look at the world through that perspective.


The 20th century was an expansion of American imperialism on a global scale. It was not a campaign for freedom and all that nonsense. It was a campaign for money and power. World War I was strictly a financial scam insofar as America's economic ally England was in trouble and World War I was a huge profitable business venture by America where Wall Street replaced London as the center of the world economy and remained the main creditor nation until the great family values politician Ronald Reagan came to power in 1980 and began runaway deficit spending to pay for tax cuts for the rich and global trade policies which also benefited the rich, but led to huge debts for America, which has just spiraled out of control. Where America was once the world's largest creditor in 1980, today it has a staggering $-7 trillion, that's right America has a net $-7 trillion.


Now getting back to the question of religion and ideology is the deranged view about nature. Yes nature. Remember nature? It's been around for 5 billion years. That's right. And in Christianity is hostility to nature and is a concept of man taking control of nature. This doesn't mean that all Christians believe this. When we talk about Christianity we're not denouncing all Christians in the world. And there are a lot of good Christians. We're not saying that they're all bad. But there's a very very very very big fundamental problems in Christian theology. And that's one of them. You cannot avoid the truth. You cannot avoid the reality of what happened. When Christianity came to power in 395 they unleashed the worst campaign of religious terrorism and mass murder the world's ever known. That's what happened. You can say it was a misunderstanding. You can say it was a mix up. You can say whatever you like. But that's what happened. That's what happened when that ideology was put into practice. The growth of European Christian patriarchal imperialism, white Christian patriarchal imperialism, has led to a wholesale destruction of the natural world that is virtually unprecedented.


Now what has helped this process move forward has been the very destruction of the natural world that has fueled the prosperity, which has fueled the appearance of prosperity right up through the current day. And unfortunately a good part of the tactics used to sort of prove the success have compounded problems. A classic example is the so-called "green revolution." in the 50s, 60s, and 70s when the projections for world population began to grow there were predictions of famine. Now these famines did not occur and this was supposedly proof of the folly of the environmental movement, and the success of the great plutocrats and so on. In reality it's taking out a much bigger debt against the future because the green revolution is a giant further assault on nature that has very grim long-term consequences which have yet to kick in. so these are important points to understand. There are enormous theological problems with the current status quo.


Now getting back to America it again is extremely important to separate the virtual-reality -- the propaganda -- from the reality, particularly in the case of liberal imperialism, which reached a kind of crescendo in World War II and World War II propaganda of America saving the world and so on and so on so forth. First let's get our military facts straight. 90% of the fighting to destroy Nazi Germany was done by the Soviet Union, not America. So if you're claiming that stopping the Holocaust and destroying Nazi Germany was the key legitimization of American imperialism, then you really would have to say that the Soviet Union was the savior of the world and maybe they're a shining example of what ought to be done. Obviously they aren't, but that just shows how nonsensical that whole concept is. America's actions in World War II were a continuation of imperialism. That's the point. Organizations such as NATO, the international monetary fund, the World Bank, these are systems of control set up by American imperialism. The Marshall plan is a system of control set up by American imperialism. That's why Stalin was very smart not to participate in the Marshall plan. He correctly saw it for what it is. Now with the collapse of the Soviet Union American imperialism has run rampant around the world and we have to look at where were at today. Where we're at today is the greatest environmental crisis in history.


But what is particularly damning is that this is there is a huge economic crisis because American imperialism has been sustained by just runaway debt. It's basically been running on fumes for a long time. now we've discussed the details of the debt in other lectures and we will discuss that some of the time, but the point is with the election of Donald Trump and the collapse of the sort of last gasp of liberal imperialism, the murderous charlatan Hillary Clinton -- who was also very incompetent, she managed to figure out how to lose an election against one of the weakest Republican candidates since Barry Goldwater -- but this is like a turning point, that these people have failed. It's a breakdown of the system. Now where Trump goes, and there some things about Trump that are positive, so we're not going to prejudge everything about Trump, we are not saying that, but what we are saying is the system itself is running out of resources to keep the thing going in its current form. And there are two big problems. That's problem number one. Problem number two is even among the supporters of Trump, there's a great lack of awareness of that reality. Indeed the Treasury Secretary that Trump has nominated is talking about trillions of dollars of new Tax cuts for the super-rich that are paid for by nothing. Obviously that shows someone who is not very well connected to reality. He himself is on the Board of Directors of Sears Roebuck, which is a company that has run itself into the ground, so that is not very encouraging. But we're going to get too much into the details of individuals; we are going to talk about the crisis of the system that's coming. Now in the crisis the of the system that's coming lies are going to be exposed. Fairytale thinking is going to be exposed. And a huge upheaval will be coming which will produce what it has always produced, which is the emergence of dictators, and charismatic dictators. How exactly this will be sorted out on a global basis is a very interesting? What will happen in Europe? What will happen in America? We are not going to get into the details of that in this lecture other than to point out that Europe needs to unite. The Brexit decision has got to be one of the most totally insane and disastrous decisions of modern times. But there will definitely be a re-shifting of the geopolitical deck. Yes there will. And how that comes out is going to be very interesting. But what we do know is that the current situation cannot continue and charismatic dictators will emerge who will be put in charge of getting the world back in touch with nature. The likelihood is going to be billions of people dying as the whole environmental system collapses.


A final point about liberal imperialism is we need to have look at some of the very ugly roots of liberal imperialism and pick out two people. In the case of Africa, that is very reflective of modern religious imperialism and liberal imperialism, one is the Christian evangelist David Livingston. Livingston has got to go down as one of the biggest charlatans and one of the most disastrous and despicable people of the 19th century. Livingston was a charlatan, a psychopathic charlatan. he never converted anybody but he pedaled himself to the British elite as a great evangelist and he managed to sugarcoat the most brutal forms of imperialism and helped lead to the so-called scramble for Africa which led to the conquest of Africa, which has led to the tidal wave of death and destruction that has engulfed Africa. also in Africa was a person who was an outgrowth of the psychology that led that Livingston produced, which is King Leopold II of Belgium who set up a Christian state to "help the poor Africans," lead them to the light of Christ and so on. The whole thing was not just a scam it was a murderous disaster which murdered millions of Africans and turned into a total chamber of horrors. Now liberal imperialism today would like you to believe like "oh well my goodness that was that was then and this is now, we've got all sorts of people like Samantha Powers and Hillary Clinton and they've got the Gates foundation, and they've got all sorts of wonderful things and we're getting the Africans to deploy all sorts of modern green revolution and everything's going to be great and so on and so forth." this is a continuation of disastrous policies. The green revolution is not going to lead to paradise. We're not opposed to all GMO's, but this is not a benevolent process. It's not a benevolent process. And this is not just in Africa today; this kind of lunacy has been unleashed on the world. So nature is going to re-re-intervene as it always does to get things back on track.


People have a choice. They either get with the program. Wake-up that the environment is being destroyed. Put through the programs of reform and get back on track. Or nature's going to do the job for them. Nature is in no danger at all. Unlike a lot of yuppie's who think nature is in danger, "the teddy bears are in danger," don't worry, nature is going to be fine. The yuppie environmentalists are going to be in deep trouble. They will be swept away in the in the turmoil that's coming. A lot of them are completely irrelevant and useless. So you need to think, who is talking about the tough forms? Who's talking about the sorry state of the world today? We have published details of this on our website, but it's time to get ready. It's time to get ready for the coming revolution. That's what's coming. It's time to think ahead. Think creatively. Network with people around the world.


Outlook for the current global establishment? Fasten your seatbelts. Put your tray table in the upright position. Great turbulence is ahead. Great bloodshed is ahead. We would hope the democracy is going to solve things, but that's very unlikely. What you are going to have is the emergence of authoritarian leaders who will do with the Democratic leaders were incapable of doing. That is the outlook that's coming. That's what you need to be thinking about. Stay tuned to our website for updates about the real future that awaits you.