The time is May 2016. The place is Washington DC, the capital of the country that arrogantly proclaims itself as the world's only super power. We are in the middle of a series of campaigns to pick the leader of this so­called great superpower and what we're gonna focus on in this lecture is Mrs. Hillary Clinton and some of her claims. To cover everything is to cover some of her claims and try to put some things into perspective.



Now one of the claims that Mrs. Clinton made back in the 90s when she supported her husband's draconian policies on drugs and mass incarceration was that she claimed these policies had to be implemented because young black men were super predators. Now she did not say that all black men were super predators, but she said there were a lot of young black men who were "super predators" and Mrs. Clinton felt this was a national security issue and that these people needed to be stopped. The end result was a wave of mass incarceration, which has now produced America having a larger number of black men in jail or on probation than were employed by the slave trade before the Civil War, and that's really a rather troubling situation.

But let's look at Mrs. Clinton's point of view. Maybe this was necessary? Maybe they were really preying upon people? Maybe that was what we needed to do?

This is sheer nonsense.


Now Mrs. Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton are from the South and they understood very well by using terms such as such as "super predator" for young black men that it was a blatantly racist statement, and it was a blatant attempt to play the race card to generate white support. And that was what this really was all about.


We need to step back and look at the real super predators on our planet. Now there are super predators out there who are some young black men who are super predators. There's no question about that. Just as there are some young white men who are super predators. Just like there is some middle­aged white men who are sexual predators. Middle­aged white men who are sexual predators in this country such as Mrs. Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton. So this is a woman who was married to a sexual predator, and maybe she could say she got a lot of expertise in the analysis of human predators to back up her point of view.


But the reality matter is this is just a political fraud and a political sham. To get back to the main issue, we do have super predators on the loose in this country. They have nothing to do with young black men. We're in the midst of the largest destruction of human life and what ultimately will be the largest destruction of human life on this planet. We are in the middle of the largest wave of extinction since the Permian extinction, 250 million years ago. How is this happening? Is this disorder mysteriously happening?

It is not mysteriously happening. There are political and economic forces in this country that are basically destroying the biological foundations of life for short­term profit. There are giant multinational corporations. There is the neofascist government in China. There are big ringleaders who are behind what's going on. So these are predators that we need to keep an eye on.


Now there is another form of super predator on the loose on our planet today and that's the ideology of American. What's very important is to understand that the so­called "liberal establishment," particularly as represented by Hillary Clinton and Obama, is very much a part of the structure of American imperialism. In 2003, using justifications that turned out to be completely fraudulent, US President George Bush launched an unprovoked attack against the nation of Iraq. This unprovoked attack -  Mr. Bush assured his citizens would only cost 64 billion. The total cost now is about 3 trillion. The long­term cost and growing are 1 million Iraqi civilians. This is a result of the American invasion.

One previous million had been murdered by sanctions, which Mr. Clinton kept on when he was president. The state of Iraq is in complete shambles today. Millions of people have had their lives ruined. This is an example of a super predator in action.

When people elected Obama, they thought things were going to be different. They were wrong. Obama and the establishment liberals, a little like Mrs. Clinton have an ideology of imperialism of "We know best," and re­imperialism, and really a form of geopolitical fascism was repackaged as "humanitarian intervention." A warm and fuzzy imperialism.


And Ground Zero for this was the state of Libya where a small revolt broke out against the regime of Muammar Qaddafi. Now with the connivance of one of the most malevolent and oppressive states in the world - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Mrs. Clinton backed a series of Islamic extremist groups to overthrow the government of Libya. Not only did she do that, she coordinated with members of the EU and Saudi Arabia to have Western military forces intervene and bomb Libyan military forces under the fraud of the so­called no­fly zones. No­fly zone sounds so innocuous. But no­fly zone means that you send in American aircraft to ship the Air Force out of the sky, so that was a huge military intervention in Libya, and when Mrs. Clinton heard that Qaddafi had been horribly tortured to death and murdered, she laughed. She thought that was funny. She said "We came, we saw, he died." She thought that was very entertaining and funny. Well what happened to the people of Libya was not funny. Libya today is dominated by the Islamic militias that she financed and supported and the entire country has basically been destroyed. Now the long­term consequences for intervening in Libya are very ominous because Mrs. Clinton's set in motion a tidal wave of violence and death all across North Africa, and this destabilized Mali and it's an ever­growing crisis that helped lead to the growth of Boko Haram, the uprising in Nigeria by the waves of violence. These were
declassified as terrorists undoubtedly because they were allied with the Islamic extremist that Clinton was backing in Libya so this unleashed a tidal wave of violence, and death and terror. Not a tidal wave of Scandinavian social democracy. No, that did not happen.


Now next up on the agenda for Obama and Clinton imperialism was Syria. Now this again had nothing to do with democracy. What was done once again was working with the same collection of actors, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, this time they were assisted by the government of Turkey to set up an invasion of Islamic extremists into the state of the of Syria. Now we're not suggesting that Mr. Assad of Syria is some sort of wonderful guy. He's not, but neither were the Islamic extremists that we unleashed upon Syria and the end result of that has been 300,000 people in Syria murdered.

Okay and once again you need to understand that this was an invasion. This was not supporting democracy. This was backing one set of extremists against another set of extremists. This led to the rise of the ISIS movement and has led to a living hell and a reign of terror that has spread throughout Syria and Iraq.

Now again we have to go back to the super predators. How did this start? It started because of Obama and Hillary Clinton in their campaign of serving as international super predators.


Now we also need to shift gears a bit here and move to the realm of economics. There were super predators at large in the American economy in the 1990s. They were the wealthy plutocrats who financed Bill Clinton. That's right, and Bill Clinton turned out to be one of the best presidents that money can buy. That's right, I mean they put down their money and they got what they paid for. We must measure this in constant dollar wages, which is the only intelligent way to measure the health of the middle class. Wages peaked in 1973, and today are back to where they were in the early 1960s. The minimum wages are back to where they were back in the late 1950s. Now how did this happen? Did this mysteriously happen? Was the middle class just not working hard enough? Some conservative theorists, and to a certain extent Bill Clinton suggested that a major problem was rock 'n roll and rap music. That people were listening to rock 'n roll and rap music and heavy metal and they were becoming morally depraved and lazy. That must be what happened, right?

Of course this is all political fraud. Let's get cut through the virtual reality of the president to real reality of what really happened is that the plutocrats at the top of the system, the super predators, looked at the American economy. Let's take, say a factory in Ohio, they could look at the factory in Ohio where the workers were getting decent wages, decent healthcare, they were unionized, they could represent themselves and negotiate with the plutocrats and that this was going okay. But in terms of profits they felt that they weren't getting enough money. So on the whole they figured out that they could shut down that factory, ship it to neofascist China, and pay slave labor wages in a country that had no labor unions and profits. They could have stock bonuses, and it would be great for the people of the top. So that's what they've done all across America, and the end result is America's net foreign debt, that's debt minus all assets, went from a surplus in 1980 - this is going back to Reagan and his staff - now stands at a staggering $­7 trillion. That's right folks, $­7 trillion.

Now at the same time these super predators launched marketing campaigns in Washington to create a kind of virtual reality. They hired people like the Clintons to suggest that they were going to create a high-tech, never, never land. Bill Clinton proclaimed in the 1990s that that this was all a magical process way too complex for the average citizen to understand, and that eventually this would lead to some kind of high­tech wonderland. Even though it was creating a living hell in the near term, it hasn't worked and the scale of the disaster is coming into view. We are at a turning point in history where the virtual reality of the plutocrats can no longer disguise the ugly reality of the real world change that is coming. It is coming no matter what happens.


There are only two choices: either people support radical social Democratic change, and yes we are talking about Bernie Sanders, a truly historic movement, or these problems are going to start solving themselves they.

We could discuss a lot of other things going on such as the creation of a totalitarian state and so on and so forth but we'll leave that for another lecture. However we need to conclude that it is important to think clearly and to understand who are the super predators. The plutocrats at the top of the system are a threat to the world, and to our planet. The neofascist government in China is creating the greatest environmental disaster in the history of the world, and again we are not promoting a confrontation with China. We favor our respectful relations. We need to know who these people are that Bill Clinton assured us in the 1990s, that China was our "strategic partner," and the more we work with China the more democratic China became and my gosh, the Neverland that he produced in China would surely produce with all his trade one little happy little high­tech world with democracy and freedom.

All this is rubbish and today China is far more authoritarian, far more ruthless than it was, and far more powerful, and a very ominous national security issue is that a good part of America's industry is now under the control of a fascist government in one of the greatest economic catastrophes in history. So again, there are super predators out there. But they're not the fraudulent concept of super predators that Mrs. Clinton used to prop herself up. So we need to know what's going on, and that's the point of this lecture, to replace the virtual reality that people are being fed with the real reality that's coming.

This is the end of this lecture.