It's August 28th, 2013 and it looks like that America is going to get actively involved in murdering people in Syria in order, supposedly, to make the world a better place. America has been involved in Syria for quite a while from 2011 due to an alliance between Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Saudi petro-tycoons and the petro tycoons in Qatar, some people call it "katar," it's pronounced "cutter" in Arabic so on. Anyway on the goal is to try to overthrow the Asad regime because they're sympathetic to Iran, little confusion about what's to be replaced with, all of that's not clear but why worry about details like that? So America is going to get actively involved after being involved behind the scenes in trying to overthrow Asad and operating behind-the-scenes and slaughtering civilians, that's okay they slaughtered about hundred thousand civilians and obviously the death tolls could go up from there. This is a portentous event and it's an event that could trigger a whole series of crises in a highly unstable economic situation. First, it's likely to clear the budget talks even worse because it will put enormous pressure against cutting defense spending in any sane manner. America is already spending more than it did during the Cold War. This will lay the groundwork for demands for even more military spending, further screwing up the entire financial structure of the US government.


A more serious problem is that the incompetence of the Obama foreign policy is likely to unleash a tidal wave of violence throughout the middle east. America thinks it has this masterstroke by stirring up a Civil War in the Islamic world between Sunnis and Shiites. The problem is that Obama's people with their utter incompetence haven't really thought through where this goes. It goes beyond a Civil War between Sunnis and Shia's. The Sunni extremist being financed in Iraq by Syria and Qatar are against other Sunnis. So we're talking about violence spreading over into Lebanon, into Jordan, into Iraq, into Turkey and also spilling over into Israel. Worse even than the immediate effects on Syria's neighbors is the specter of violence accelerating throughout the world in general and particularly through the Islamic world. America has enraged the entire population of Pakistan by a campaign of civilian mass murder via its drone attacks and also via lies by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, claiming that he's only doing this in the most efficient manner and only killing terrorists and so on which are lies of and it is very hard for us to see that Obama is confused about this, these are to us deliberate lies along with his deliberate lies about handling Guantánamo and so on and so forth.

So, all this does not make a very good impression. Now one of the particular problems that America has in dealing with the Islamic world is the phenomenon of suicide bombers. Suicide bombers used to be a very rare commodity. Today it's "oh, a suicide bombing, so what?" Now we gott think through what that means, it means that the very large numbers of people out there who are so unhappy they're quite willing to send their lives back by return mail with a lot of nails and plastic explosives attached to the plutocratic leaders of our planet. We need to think through how Syria could compound an already shaky economy, because it could trigger a global slave revolt against the whole plutocratic structure. In America the lower and middle classes have been absolutely bled white by plutocratic policies that really began under Reagan where it became a very profitable deal for those at the top to shut down US factories and reopen them in places like China at a tiny fraction of the cost, a good deal for those running the company's catastrophic deal for those working at the company's.

This accelerated greatly under Clinton a "Democratic president" who sold the Democratic Party the notion that this was part of some plan to create a high-tech wonderland. That all collapsed in 2000 and 2001 when the dot-coms collapsed and a series of other disastrous events occurred such as the election of the loser of the of the presidential election Mr. Bush as president and the tidal wave of terror that was unleashed by 911, the first wave of terror of course being the terrorist attacks of Bin laden, the second wave of terror being the wholesale American invasion of Iraq and the slaughter of 1.5 million Iraqi civilians. So this is all not very good and a large problem here is that hypocrisy of the American government, which has been the number one supporter of use of chemical weapons since World War II, the enormous use of Agent Orange, which still kills thousands of people in Vietnam and the support by America all of Saddam Hussein's use of poison gas against the soldiers of Iran in the Iran-Iraq war.

So America has a course has actually no credibility to get on a high horse about chemical weapons and that's just so laughable it's it's just hard to believe that such rubbish is taken seriously, but the overall all this is going to produce is higher levels of anger and there's a possibility that the anger is going to spill over into the West, into the dissatisfied middle class and lower class in the West that the fairytales of Bernanke and all his funny money and the fairytales of Merkel will turn out to be just that fairytales. There's going to be as kind of crisis of confidence when people suddenly realize that what they've been promised is not going to happen even worse that these people are so incompetent there could be a further blow out in the world economy which actually could be worse than 2008 simply because they've already run through the last sort of seed grain emergency supplies financially, so that factor needs to be kept in mind.


We just wanted to further elaborate on the economic situation. Since the huge plutocratic train wreck of 2008, the central banks in the West have come to play a critical role, in particular the American central bank,the Federal Reserve Board, headed up by Mr. Bernanke. Mr. Bernanke has flooded the market- the world credit markets - with funny money and one of the reasons inflation has not gone up by the way is that the manner in which America calculates inflation was manipulated so inflation would actually be a lot higher if it was calculated the old way. But this is another study in manipulation and dishonesty. It's also the fact that unemployment would be about 17% of was measured the old way, the way it was measured back in the 1930s. So this is a further pattern of dishonesty and deception, but anyway, the entire structure of interest rates in the world economy today is manipulated by Bernanke.

Now the question is this, is this a long-term sustainable situation? The plutocrats seem divided about this, but right now the stock market is high, the plutocrats are confident, they think Mr. Bernanke has things under control and so on and so forth. Meanwhile in Europe you had a total mismanagement of the EU by Angela Merkel, who has repeatedly played politics with Germany's role in the EU, resulting in much more problems actually for Germany then otherwise would be needed and has led to a tremendous financial crisis in the southern part of the EU - specifically Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Now where does all this go? You add on to this the crisis in Syria, of the tidal wave of violence that is accelerating, all this is not a good situation. The fact of the matter is that fundamental problems have not been addressed.

The problems of 2008 have been bailed out with a bailout for the rich, not a bailout for everybody, a bailout for the rich. The middle classes and the lower classes are hanging on by their fingernails, they're being bled to death in the United States and there's a feeling of just "hang in there, every thing is gonna be okay" that's keeping social peace for the time being. It would be, I think quite foolish to believe that will continue. So the stage is set for a whole series of turmoil here, that could lead to a time of troubles that will gradually bring down the current leaders in the West. The question is "what will replace that?" That's where World Future Fund and Underground Web World comes in, as to try to generate or direct, if you will, the anger that will emerge into a constructive direction as opposed to a further destructive direction.

This will be difficult, this will be difficult because hanging over the whole situation is the global environmental crisis. That's the elephant in the room and even there we're beginning to wear everything right down to the bone. The situation of the bees is probably the number one crisis event in the near-term, far more serious than global warming, but the whole structure of the so-called "green revolution" is also coming to the fore and it's also a crisis for establishment liberalism, because establishment liberalism cheers on the green revolution and thinks that's just fine while the the enormous toxins that are all being distributed all over the world raise more and more questions about the long-term future of the green revolution. And you have a whole series of other disastrous things that are going on in the United States, such as the explosion the natural gas fracking which Obama is also supporting. So this and is leading to a time of troubles,the question is will the Democratic Party be able to struggle to 2016? Will the plutocrats be able this make their way to 2016? I think it's very doubtful, very doubtful. This could be a further element of turmoil here. So we need to further accelerate ourselves to present a prophetic voice in the crisis that's coming. That's the end of this lecture.