The title of this lecture is "2013 and Beyond, A Look At Our Own Future." There is one word in looking at our own future and that word is "priorities." What are going to be the top priorities? The top priorities could be defined as creating the "mega message," the overarching theme. What key videos? What key audios should be part of that? What key written documents? How should this be linked together? I can't possibly overemphasize the importance of priorities. We pick the small number of key documents, videos, audios and then the link structure that flows from them to educate our readers around the world of further educational materials that can be read, heard, experienced and so on. One idea is to combine the text of some of the audios into a larger ideological structure. It is true that a lot of the audios duplicate each other in various ways. This is like a rock band working out a theme - a musician working out a theme on the guitar. We try various ideas.



We then need to synthesize this into, shall we say, a mega-platinum hit around the world? We are on a track that leads to, if you will, an appointment with destiny. It's not that we are the be-all and end-all, but we are a catalyst among other catalysts around the world and we need to think in terms of how to inspire, activate and network with other people around the world. The issue of activate is extremely important, because a lot of people are asleep and or believe that things are hopeless - okay - they believe that things are hopeless. Now what we need to do is to inspire these people and show them that there is hope and activate them and get them to create interesting things from their point of view. This is why an editorial review of the "Activist Guides" is necessary.


Now, an unresolved question for us and for enlightened people all around the world is this dialectic between Reform and Revolution. It would be very naïve to believe that a revolution will not be a bloodbath and it could make things a lot worse. However, the flip side of that argument is that the constipated, sick structure of politics may make revolution inevitable. This is a matter that has not been resolved. Now, this is one of the key problems we face and that relates to the issue of Obama and the question of contacting people in his administration to wake these people up. This is a matter that has not been resolved and one of the key goals, as we move into 2013, is to try to resolve this - this is a difficult one.




As we have discussed, the odds that things can be reformed are not good, and there's also the question of spiritual pollution by getting to extended into a rotting and dying system. So, we read remain on a two track strategy and ultimately you just can't compromise on the truth. We need to continue to put together the mega message and how that is put together. A lot of this make is going to depend on who answers to help wanted ads and who frankly pops up out of nowhere. Because at times like this people tend will appear out of nowhere and that will resolve or not resolved a lot of things that we're doing. So this is this is a central frustration and is a central problem. And it is not just a problem for us, it's a problem for people all around the world. As I have said repeatedly, I think the - it's very hard to see that there won't be a revolution - it really is. This whole system is such a constipated pile of garbage, but we shall see how all that works out and we need to continue to develop what we're doing. We have grown a great deal, but we have not yet hit critical mass to be the global force that we are destined to be. We already have a lot of global influence, which is growing, but we are not yet there. So the end view of this, is that it is my absolute conviction that we are going to have a very major impact, one way or the other; either in waking up Obama, which is very unlikely, very dangerous, for the reasons that we discussed at length, or in laying the groundwork for a revolution that will sweep away the rotting structure of the world and build in a very ferocious and very bloody manner a system that is compatible with long-term traditional values and compatible with the biological structure of life. As we discussed, the issue of art and music is a critical part of that and religious reform and putting all this in a manner that relates to the subconscious mind. So these are themes that we are going to continue into 2013. Everybody here should be thinking in terms of priorities. The priorities of the structure of communications and priorities of outreach of who we want to talk to and how much time that's going to take, it's going to be a very interesting year.