The purpose of this lecture is to recapitulate a number of key ideas we've been discussing in the last couple of years and to think through more precisely where we want to go in the coming years we need to think about what the term education means and the role of the state and our role in education there's a lot of talk in society about the importance of education no we need more education for better education for the young people well what exactly is education in our view education needs to start with reality the planet environmental realities this should be course number one outside of the teaching of basic skills in every school in the world that should be the starting point but it is not in America so-called education involves worshiping the American political and economic systems as a form of religion and it's a very intolerant view of these ideas fortunately there is a somewhat of a respect for freedom of speech in America this is good this is a good thing about our society but the view of political ideology in America American people are very intolerant people they think their ideology is the only way and this is a dangerous and destructive point of view that getting back to education studies about the environment and an awareness of what's going on in our planet that should be job one in a democracy as the founding fathers observed in the Federalist papers and other important documents relating to the creation of the American Constitution which so many people want to treat as a religious document there was a very clear awareness that civil liberties cannot exist without civil responsibilities you can't have a democracy without citizens know you cannot democracy does not exist in a vacuum and unless people are educated to understand what they're supposed to do with citizens the system is not going to work that we know the current system isn't working because it's completely disconnected from environmental realities and the entire global economy as we know it is a gigantic death machine so obviously this is a system that has not worked and it needs to be changed around now how does the process of change, our feeling is that a good part of the people at the top are so morally bankrupt and so spiritually dead that they do not serve as a source of hope it doesn't mean people shouldn't talk to them it does not mean that people should not participate in the system we strongly advocate that but this intimacy between participating in the system and relying exclusively on the political system as a means of reform we are not optimistic about so to wake people up as we have said over and over again you need people to experience nature to experience art and music because in the political toxic political monoculture of America this is also disconnected from reality



In terms of what we do on our websites world future fund and underground web world we put creative works of art we put up ancient views of political reality such as our quotations from Plato searches are quotations from Aristotle what these things revealed is that the America current American system is very much of an aberration in history is not a normal system and that throws the whole political discourse into a new light it's not a question of overthrowing the current system the current system is either going to be overthrown or will collapse of its own court so it's not a question of tearing something down its likes this is something that's been stalled out in its current form so as we've stated we favor reform within the system but to look at the system and worship the system is a God is insane yet that is the conventional point of view for a good part of what passes for environmental is him in the West that's why we need to present another point of view now in getting prepared for the future that's coming which is a part of education is important understand the tremendous levels of violence that are likely to come if you assume even the most elemental analysis of the current environmental situation you're talking about a death toll in the Billy snap those billions of people coordinate die are probably not going to depart our planet in a very peaceful and happy mood this could be on this company shall we say a strong difference of opinion about who's can end up on the losing end of this whole situation and some people are in a fight like hell very understandably to avoid being on the losing end of this to avoid being killed by the collapsing system so is going to be huge levels of violence and that has to be factored into the view of the system that's coming



Thus we need to think creatively about the future some people in our discussions was some of the traditional Western environmental leaders some people act like well if we can't do it via democracy were doing or we should just defend democracy no matter what this is madness this is really criminal madness we need a different frame of reference the goal is what it's always been in life the preservation of why the preservation of the biological foundations of life that don't get us wrong the biological foundations of light go on for billions of years but the human species which is been around for only about 40,000 years is going to be a casualty of its own suicidal madness so that's that's a reality that were facing the the issue is creative thinking about what's to come that's where world future funding underground web world are unique on in our position in the world and it's probably one of the reasons for the huge success of the website and the enormously high search engine rankings that we have because we stimulate creative thought the we need to be thinking about how is the world going to make its way through the violent violence that's coming that's a very important point and not just have the attitude oh well we must defend democracy and if it doesn't work I guess we should go kill ourselves which is the traditional environmental point of view democracy is not a suicide cult it's not a political version of Jonestown and the creators of the American system never sought as such in dying political systems in sick political systems is often attempt to turn the status quo into some kind of religion to bamboozle the people below to not rebel and just go along with whatever happens now this system simply cannot go on no matter what happens so that's going to self-destruct no matter what happens as we mentioned they will there can be a people from below one of the interesting phenomenons of our time is the evolution towards totalitarianism from above such as the legal revolutions put through in America by dust borscht and now Obama in the case of Obama it it's been particularly effective since the American left things Obama's just fine or good part of it does were so scared of the right they don't your criticism so when Obama has extended the legal revolutions of push towards totalitarianism they've simply gone along with that but the main point understand is the total political structure of the world is already changing it's already happening were not talking about some nightmare scenario that's way off in the future somewhere it's it's here now it's already taken place but it's done through a mask of smiles it's done through a mask of of nice people on TV so that's that's an important point to keep in mind but getting back to our role the role of metal roll of all all the music the role of films film music about 100 years ahead of the political system where or if things really go downhill maybe there only five or 10 years but the long ways ahead of the political system ideas are discussed in film and music that are virtually heretical in the West they can be discussed because they are treated as fiction and entertainment and subtle but the deep blood dripping from the screens will soon be flowing through the streets the DVDs report Of the violence to come and what we need is a creative view of getting ready for the real future that's the real future you can say that you'd like to go kill yourself if democracy doesn't work well then I guess you want to go kill yourself but other people are going to want to make struggle their way through just as primitive people struggle their way through the great historian Arnold Toynbee made a very profound, that nature chastised man with quips technology chastises man with scorpions the this time remains the same history has come full circle the do the attempt to escape nature has been an exercise in futility and is cause people to be in an even more brutal struggle for survival than they were in the world of nature which was a very harsh world by the way wasn't the fairytale naïve peaceful the little world it's portrayed by many environmentalist and New Age idiots need this was a ferocious bloody world and if the average environmentalist ever ended up back in the real world of nature he probably nervous breakdown or something like that but the goal is survival and it's a brutal struggles for survival that's coming this is something that needs to be creatively discussed and that's our role to prepare people for the real future that's coming and to make the right decisions as opposed to the wrong decisions