As we look through the audios and plan for the future, I want to reiterate a number of themes we need to keep in mind, and I think these themes need to be interwoven in all that we do:



One: This is not a benevolent system. You're taught in school that America is a good place, and the American leaders are good people, and the American people are good people. None of these statements are true. This is not a benevolent system.


Now, directly connected to this situation is the issue of time and the issue of debt. If you look around, yeah - - if you could freeze the world in its current situation, in many ways you could say we're living in the best of times in history. But that's an illusion, that this is all borrowed against the future. It's a horror behind the smiley face, and this is a factor that we need to also keep in mind.


We also need to look at the visions of the coming dictators. This is more and more relevant, because very few people are talking about this. And also relating to the future, we need to figure out how to get a greater visibility of what we do, and how to market ourselves, and organize our political messages more clearly on the Internet, and how to get them greater visibility. At the end of the day, we are the modern shamans, we are the prophetic voices. That's our responsibility, and we need to get that message out there, sharpen that message, sharpen the integrity of the message, the power of that message... this is our role.




Another theme we need to further evolve is the concept of the smiley face mass murderers, the nice mass murderers. The difference between the robber barons, so to speak, of the 19th century, the plutocrats of that era, and today is one word: public relations. The robber barons of the 19th century were really a bunch of nice guys, compared to modern plutocrats. The modern plutocrats have gutted American industry, and made an unholy alliance with a mass murderer state, China, to ship jobs and industries over there and destroy the industrial heart of America. This is an extremely malevolent thing to do, but that's what they've done, behind their smiley face. The whole structure of the emergence of a totalitarian state here in America is also done behind a smiley face. The mass murder of Third World civilians is done behind a smiley face.

So, all this is a product of marketing and the power that this has unleashed is hidden behind a media smiley face campaign. If you look at monopoly power of the modern technology corporations, John D. Rockefeller must be laughing in his grave. Rockefeller controlled - what - 35% of the oil industry, while today's technology titans control 90% plus often of their markets. But were told, "don't worry, they're nice guys, they wear jeans to work some of them wear hoodies, they listen to rock music, they have long hair, some of them." So, we can trust them. We can trust them with complete control of key sections of the economy. This is absurd. This is ridiculous.

Culturally, let's look. Jimmy page supported Margaret Thatcher. Eric Clapton supported the racist Enoch Powell. So, you see this whole illusion of the 60s that just because somebody looked a certain way culturally that we could trust them, is absurd. But there's a reason why this is marketed. There's a reason why this is marketed, because it's a ruthless quest for power behind the smiley face. So, the smiley face serves a tremendously important purpose by putting people to sleep as a ruthless elite seizes power behind the scenes over the lives of ordinary people.