Time is a judge of reality. It's a judge of what's true and what's not true. Nature has existed for billions of years, thus we know that nature is true.

Today we have the concept of a New World order - American imperialism. This has no track record in time, really none and analysis of the Washington consensus from just the most elemental point of view shows that it has no connection to biological realities. In other words it is a fraud. It is not a road to Utopia. It is a system that has no future. It is a malevolent system that is based on the slaughter of other forms of life. Indeed it is the greatest mass murder of other forms of life since the Permian extinction. Obviously this is not a viable situation.

It would be wonderful to believe that the current world political system could reform itself, but the chances of that happening are pretty close to nil. The system itself is based on the destruction of nature. So in order for it to reform itself, it needs to contradict itself.

So we need to think creatively about a world in which there's going to be a very high death toll and a lot of people are not going to be very happy about being on the receiving end of this death toll. Democracy is going to cease to exist. Dictators are going to come to power and they're going to sort the whole situation out. The end result is going to be a world population that's much smaller. A death toll of 2 billion is a very real possibility. That would actually be lower than the percentage death toll of the black death, so we need to think creatively about what's coming, the real future that's coming, not the fairytale future proposed by the plutocrats. This is the agenda we face.