It's December 2011. This lecture is for internal use in the creation of strategic thinking. We need to be more specific about separating the distinction between an imaginary future. the future presented by the plutocrats the official leaders and the real future that's coming. Our report the world in 2030 is a good place to start. That's what these people are really bring you. That's what's really up ahead. Now whatever else these people are saying it's not real. See we need to keep talking about a real future as opposed to an imaginary future. In this case art and music are way ahead of intellectual discourse in sci-fi in heavy metal. In video games you see visions of the real future that's coming. As opposed to the fairytale future that's presented by the media and the ruling elite.

            Now why is this fairytale future presented by these people? Partly because a lot of these people are so stupid they actually believe their own garbage but there's a larger and more ugly reason for this. Which is that they maintain themselves in power. Inequality and wealth is at an all-time high and these people maintain themselves in power by presenting a fairytale future. That's how they keep domestic peace. Don't worry one day you're going to be a millionaire you've heard all that. Don't worry were building a wonderland where everybody's can live happily ever after in some high-tech paradise. Now these are these are ideas that simply aren't real. They are not connected to reality. They are not correct connected to the most elemental analysis of future trends and we have probably one of the most sophisticated systems to monitor future trends that have been set up since we were founded in 1995.

            Now there are many organizations that study the environment the future show that their problems and so on. What we do that nobody else in the world does at our level is to try to conceptualize this in terms of the past and in terms of just hard-boiled analysis as to what's really going to be coming. Now what's really going to be coming is a collection of authoritarian brutal regimes. That are going clean up the mess that the current lunatics and criminals have created. That's the real future and it's important to think through the political dimensions of the real future because that's what's coming and we need to go back and look at totalitarian regimes in the past to get ideas about the future and that's what we alone of any organization have done a sophisticated job. Of going back and looking at legalism in China. Plato's ideas so on and so forth all detailed on our website. In reports such as our World Future Outlook report and the documentary material that we have put up on totalitarianism.

            Now this gets very controversial because there's a consensus of among people at the moment that democracy is the only way and that totalitarianism oh that's bad. It's very important to understand democracy has a long history of war crimes. As we document on our website and the so they have no monopoly on goodness and the current system is virtually certain to kill billions of people as is. So it's not a question of destroying democracy. Democracy is going to destroy itself. It's in the process of destroying itself. So you don't need to worry about or feel bad about destroying democracy because it's already in the process of doing that. What we need to do is to conceptualize what's coming and this is where we're working to talk about authoritarian regimes that putting environmental reform but will also going to have to get to a very tricky situation. Which is to determine which of the world's 2 billion people are going to end up on the losing end of the current situation.

            Now this brings up the very controversial issue of Nazi Germany because Nazi Germany set up the most sophisticated system of studying ancient values, respect for the environment and also sorting out who's going live and who's going to die. Such as the T 4 for program, the euthanasia program. Today people lump that together with Hitler's stupid and very evil and wrong decision to try to kill the JewsThis was just a totally crazy decision. The Jews were among Germany's most valuable citizens. These things all get lumped together, they should not. The T 4 for program was a very enlightened program about eliminating people who really were just a drain on society. Now capitalism and plutocracy are going to do the same thing. There just going to use the issue of who can make the most money as the determinant for killing people and they've done this in the past. As is pointed out in books like Late Victorian Hollocausts and so on and so forth.

            So we feel there needs to be a different set of standards when the the population reduction or whatever the cheery term you want to use for is going to take place. How this will play out in different parts of the world is a very interesting question. China is already a totalitarian state. Russia is is a sort of quasi-democracy um but what we see is huge upheavals in the rich parts of the world. This whole idea that affluence would buy social peace is going to be torn to pieces because the rich parts of the world have run up these huge debts and when that falls apart that's going to be a great deal of turmoil. So there's going to be a lot of violence there is. People are not going to be able to resolve things peacefully and that's why authoritarian regimes are the norm that are coming.

            What we want to study is how they motivate people. How they organize society and how they get ready for the real future that's coming not the imaginary future and that again is where we talk about art and music and how to inspire people. To put forth the authoritarian vision that will clean up the mess that democracy has created.