The subject we want to discuss today is the concept of an EMP attack on America and the world. There are two kinds of EMP attacks: one is natural one is man made. Now the man-made attack is based on a reconfiguration of a nuclear device to be an EMP device, which would damage only electronics leaving buildings, people, so on intact - kind of doubt it would really be good for people's health - but the main point is a gigantic electromagnetic pulse which would have a far greater range than a conventional nuclear weapon. Indeed if you exposed - exploded an EMP bomb above the center of the United States - a fairly significant one - you could knock out most of the country. It's very important to understand that this would knock things out for years, not we knock things out and then a couple weeks later things are put back together. The conventional concepts of the disaster recovery do not apply to an EMP attack.


More disturbing is the issue of natural EMP attacks. We know for sure that the world was hit with an EMP attack in 1859. The problem is that looking back on records in history is almost impossible because since any kind of electronic devices date from the 19th century, there'd be no awareness or need to document EMP attacks in the past. In our study of global trends, one of the trends that we have found out is the sorry aspect of the very study of global trends in our world is they tend not to go back very far. So we really don't have any historical framework for analyzing all this. TRANSLATE there may have been a whole lot of EMP attacks in the past and we don't know. We have no way really to know the frequency of all this, but we do know that in 1859 there was such an attack and it had a huge effect on what little electronics were in existence at that time - such as telegraph operations.


So we need to also look at the overall state of the world and the overall state of America. There are laws in life. There are natural laws. These are laws they're not political deals. These are laws. Nature's laws are just that: laws. They're not political deals. Nature's laws are not negotiable they don't change, they can't be bribed, they can't be bought with a political action committee, they can be bought and sold on Wall Street.So on. So these are nonnegotiable.


Now we how a country of so-called number 1 country in the world, America, that has completely ignored natural laws. Indeed, since the end of the Cold War, we have had an America, really megalomaniac psychopathic delusions that America's number one. God has ordained America rule the world and so on and so forth and so now this kind of thinking of course makes self-critical analysis very difficult to do and when we look at the world from an environmental point view we see that America is the number one climate criminal. America has put more carbon and poison in the atmosphere than any other society on Earth. At the same time America has sabotaged the last two major climate conferences, specifically Kyoto and Copenhagen by stubbornly refusing to provide any kind of serious aid to the poor in dealing with that situation, while bragging about how it's the most generous nation of the world and so on and so forth.


Now these statements obviously are lies and they're also delusions. They're part of the psychopathic delusions that exist in American society. Getting back to nature, getting back to reality, nature's laws are laws. Now if you completely ignore those laws they're going to be consequences. We can't presume to speak for fate God nature what ever your religious belief leads you to call a supreme being. But the odds are very high that the the there are laws relating to the environment that are not acceptable here. So nature is likely to strike back. Now we need to understand that America is completely unprepared for all this. There is really no defense right now and if even a small natural EMP attack took place you're talking about a death toll of millions of this country and economic loss probably in the trillions. So this is really not on the radar screen. Our leaders are currently involved in promoting vast Imperial wars in other people's countries to supposedly fight for freedom which totally coincidentally seem to be connected to US business interests, oil and other stuff like that. But we have people like Samantha power and Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton and people like that and and Mr. Obama himself who claim that our actions are purely on behalf of freedom purely on behalf of freedom and when we murder civilians were doing it to fight for freedom. There is growing question as to whether this is true in fact there is growing question whether that this is completely psychotic behavior.


Another threat in the EMP area is the fact that of all people America is developing nonnuclear EMP weapons and in late 2012, late last year, an event occurred under the control of the military defense contractor Boeing that may harbor - may portent a revolution in warfare of absolute staggering dimensions. Because the Boeing Corporation has developed a quite effective, nonnuclear EMP, now it is said that those who live in glass houses should probably not throw whole stones because if this were to become prevalent it would undercut America's military edge all around the world. The American military runs on electronics, now think this one through, American forces charge into some foreign country blowing up buildings, killings civilians, shouting how they are in favor freedom - the usual stuff. Bang! An EMP goes off all of a sudden everything goes black for the American troops and the American troops would be at a total disadvantage against a low-tech adversary or an adversary that at least shielded some of their weapons against an EMP attack.


You see you see where this goes, it's a revolution in warfare. It's a - America claims to love democracy - well this would be kind of a democratization of warfare where the rich Americans would be put on the same level as the poor Third World people that they're killling. It's very possible. This did not receive headlines. I know it's much less important than the royal baby or the latest tax cut for billionaires that supposedly going to create lots of jobs and so forth. All the usual nonsense, but this is an important event that could change the future of the world. To sum this thing up, you cannot go on living in the dreamworld indefinitely and you cannot look at the current world order as being a moral and ethical structure and every time in history things have gotten way out of line there have been corrections and we believe that nature is going to help correct things if Mr. Obama and the other world leaders do not. Our leaders are pawns, they're pawns of the political system. They're weak stick figures. Hopefully Mr. Obama will rise to the challenge and be what he should be, but if not, he will simply be swept away.


History is controlled by powerful forces and those of us who are speaking up against the criminal destruction of the planet in our time is important understand that we represent fate, we represent power, we are on the winning end of history - and the current plutocrats and all their money at all their secret police forces and all their military are on the losing end history. The EMP attack could shatter, indeed would shatter, the very structure of America. It is important to emphasize as we close this lecture that we have a narrowminded paradigm of the official American education system, of the official American elite, that paradigm on the left as well as the right. That it's very important that people such as Hillary Clinton are in many ways far more despicable than the figures of the right with their new concept of liberal imperialism, that we're going invade country X, like Libya, kill their leaders, kill other people and then impose some sort of puppet government and then bray away about how we brought democracy and its freedom so on and so forth.


These are criminal lies, these are criminal lies. They're not real, not real and so when you have a system that this far out of control fate intervenes. An EMP attack on the United States would kill millions, we're talking about a natural one, let's not even worry about waiting for a foreign power to pull something like this off. That's increasingly likely too so because it's believe that North Korea could produce a satellite that could launch an EMP attack, so this is is documented in our report. But nature can intervene. Now it's not only the death toll, but if America suffered a disaster like an EMP attack, this would bring down a good part of the political structure of American life. Why? Because hey! America can't even pay its bills right now. This is a system that is so morally rotten, that it has to borrow a third of its own budget from the Saudi's, the Chinese, or just about anybody who's willing to lend money.


Meanwhile, Mr. Bernanke, the head of the United States Federal Reserve Board, is busy printing trillions of dollars of funny money to keep the whole show going. So obviously, this is not a very stable system as is. Now, you take millions of people dead the consequences would be really cataclysmic if this thing went off over the Washington DC or New York are. You would literally shutdown part of the whole US economy and part of the world economy because of the knocking out of data. These people are not living in a real paradigm. The real paradigm is that this stuff is shutdown for years, not for a couple weeks. We have the there's a big hurricane and then FEMA rushes to the rescue when presidents get their picture taken helping on innocent victims and so on and so forth. No, no no this is something that shuts things down for years and maybe even 10 years. You're talking about an enormous death toll when that happens. That would have huge political implications. Now you also need to think through the financial implications. Who's going to pay for the trillions of dollars to clean this up? I mean, Katrina cost 125 billion to restore New York is what, 80 billion?

Okay that's that's peanuts compared to what would happen in an EMP attack. Now when you have a society that is so screwed up internally and so bitterly divided that it can't even figure out how to pay its own bills and is borrowing a third of its own budget. Now you put on trillions of dollars of financial pressure. You can figure out where that one goes. In say the British revolution, in say the French Revolution, what lead to the collapse of the system during peace time was the fact that in dysfunctional societies ,financially, things get to a point that they can't pay for what they're doing and that sets off a bitter fight among the "haves" and the "have-nots" as to who will pay for what. Very important, so this would lead to huge political and economic turmoil aside from the fact that this could bring down the entire system.

So this will need to could shatter America see it's it's the one of the issues in America which is not widely understood is the structure of paying for things like Medicaid vis-à-vis the states vis-à-vis Washington. Some states could conclude that they don't want to pay for all the stuff, so there could be a bitter dispute among various states as to who should end up paying for this because the cost this time around would be horrific. It couldn't they couldn't just borrow money in and hold a press conference in say to pay it someday in and boo-hoo about the deficit and then go back to borrowing more money in the usual nonsense and so on and so forth. This would be impossible in a situation like this. There would have to be huge tax increases and huge budget cuts which in the socially fragmented structure of America would cause Americans to fight among themselves.


The number one real religion in America is Greed, it's the worship of money. That's the number one real religion and this would lead to when the money starts to disappear as in history shows this will lead to people turning against each other and furiously fighting among themselves. The so this this is a real picture of what is likely to happen and stay tuned, stay tuned. Continue to read the material on our website, because we are one of the few organizations in the world that look at things in terms of what's really going to happen instead of going along trying to pretend that the plutocratic vision of utopia that their building is real. It's not real, it has no connection to reality anymore than believing in the existence of Peter Pan or Mother Goose. In fact Peter Pan or Mother Goose might be more likely to happen in the real world than the plutocratic utopia and the American nationalist utopia that's that's advocated by the American Imperial factions here in Washington.


So look at our website and think what you can do and think about the need for leadership think about the need for leadership to stop the criminal destruction of the planet. Time remains the same nature's laws remain the same. America has not been given a pass to violate nature's laws. We cannot tolerate the destruction of the biological foundations of life. This is going to be stopped. You have the opportunity to speak out and try to stop it. Our website gives you ideas about what to do. This is the end of this lecture.