We live in a world where there's a lot of talk about human rights. Now we need to ask who has a right to life? Who has a right to exist? And we need to ask, do only humans have a right to exist? We need to ask another question: can humans exist if they exterminate other forms of life?

The biologists of the world warned us that we live in a web of life. Life is interconnected. Humans don't exist in a vacuum, they exist in the context of this web of life. Today, humans are causing the largest wave of murder and death of other species since the Permian extinction 250 million years ago. This wave of death is growing, it's not getting better. The so-called environmental movement in the West is not stopping this, which puts the survival of humanity itself at risk.

This film "Midway" is a brilliant view of our world. The garbage island in the Pacific is now larger than Antarctica, and it's a symbol of today's world. But you don't have to be a genius to see what's going on. All around, you see the figure of death. A third of the bees have died - well, excuse me - they didn't die, they were killed by human pesticides in the last couple of years. What has the political establishment done about this? They've done nothing. Why have they done nothing? They have done nothing because of the political and financial power of the pesticide and agricultural industries. That's why they've done nothing. The bees in particular are a particularly dangerous situation, because if there's further problems with the bees, you're going to shutdown a good part of world agriculture, so this is not so smart. Not so smart.

Meanwhile, the bats are dying - the frogs are dying all over the world, and this is just part of a panorama of death. So, we have a political class and an economic elite that talks about the great standard of living that they are creating for those that they rule, but this is an illusion. It is based on death, and that causes people - causes intelligent people - to raise extremely serious moral and ethical questions about the validity of those who rule today.

Now, those who rule today like to brag about the fact that they've been elected. They've been duly elected. In a sane world, you just have to ask two questions about that: so what? So what if you've been elected or you haven't been elected duly. It doesn't give you the right to kill everything else on earth. No it does not. Just because animals can't vote doesn't mean they don't have rights. And even if you think they don't have rights, it's not a smart move to go kill them all. No it is not. That's not very intelligent.

As the 21st century will progress, the struggle between the haves and the have-nots is going to grow. Now in America, there's going to be a growing struggle between the political class and those that it claims to rule. There is a growing disconnect as is. And there's going to be growing discontent which will evolve into violent discontent if things don't get turned around. It's important to see that the positive aspects of our world - and there are many positive aspects of our world - the technology, the standard of living for the top 20% on the planet, and so on. You could say we are living in the best of times, and there there's a valid case for that. But it's borrowed against the future, and it's based on the wholesale destruction of other forms of life. So, this isn't going to last, and there's going to be a counter reaction to this.

Watch this film. It has a powerful message, and after you watch it, read our "Building a Sustainable Future" report and read our "World Future Outlook" report and read our "Visions of the Future" report. These are realities, and they will give you an insight into what you should do to change things. Change starts with you. Don't let the professional politicians, the plutocrats on Wall Street tell you that you don't matter. That's what they want you to believe. They want you to believe that you can do nothing. They want you to believe that they are living Gods. They want you to believe that resistance is futile, that you should just drink away your problems, or whatever. They are not gods. You have power, and there is a collective unconscious that you can tap into. There are other people that are just as unhappy as you are with the current horrific situation, so understand that time is running out for the current elites. They may have sugary little statements; they may talk about democracy and human rights; they may claim to be liberal, whatever. But their time is running out, and new forces are going to emerge, and there are opportunities for you.

So, watch this film. It will change your consciousness and do not give up hope for the power of the forces of the collective unconscious, the forces of people who respect nature to regain power as the crisis in the 21st century unfolds. End of this lecture.