It is February 2017 and we are going to do a review of the world situation. Yes, that's a big subject but we really haven't done a review of the world situation since the election of Trump. So it's now an appropriate time to do it. November 9th is kind of a witching hour in world history, the date that Trump got elected. We are not into numerology and stuff like that but it still is significant because November 9th is the date of Hitler's so-called beer hall pooch. It's the night of Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany. It's the day that the Kaiser abdicated. It's the day that Napoleon created the dictatorship. It's the day that Luther was born. So it's a very significant day in world history and very significantly in our time it's the day that the Berlin wall opened in 1989 ushering in a geopolitical revolution of huge dimensions. So on November 9th, 2016, the world we live in changed forever. Now what happened was probably the final nail in the coffin of liberal imperialism the postwar liberal establishment that has largely dominated the West since 1945. This was far more a case of a collapse than the strength of Trump. People keep trying to interpret Trump as this. Interpret Trump as that, Trump as a fascist, saying that Trump is going to create a dictatorship and so on and so forth. Bush and Obama had already done a very effective job of shredding the Constitution and conducting murderous imperial wars and so on. So the movement towards dictatorship was already well underway under them, particularly under Obama, where you have a particularly despicable betrayal and deception of reality vs. politics. Obama was an international war criminal of the first order. Yet he was portrayed as some kind of nice guy. He was not a nice guy. This is a person who murdered hundreds of thousands of people in Libya, Yemen, Syria and so on. Syria was a particularly despicable situation where Obama and Hillary Clinton teamed up with the Saudi government in a murderous plot to take over the country, trying to claim it was something to do with "human rights." But on November 9th, 2016, Obama and Hillary Clinton were thrown into the trash can of history. They were. Now what's going to follow is going to be a period of tremendous turmoil. This is this is what is coming, a period of transition and turmoil. And this is definitely not going to be pleasant, to make a great understatement here. The full dimensions of what Trump will and will not do are still sort of shrouded in the fog, but regardless of who is elected it's very important to understand that the whole structure of the 1945 world order was falling apart to begin with.


When you look at the world you have to understand that today's world is the result of American imperialism. You have to go back to 1945. In 1945 the world as we know it was conquered by two incredibly malevolent forces: American imperialism and Soviet imperialism. Which was the worst? We'll let the historians sort that one out. But since Soviet imperialism collapsed in the period of 1989 to 1991 the details of American imperialism merit far closer attention than the details and the crimes of Soviet imperialism. Suffice it to say however, both ideologies were completely at odds with nature. These are ideologies that are based on the destruction of nature, the conquest of nature by man and we see these ideologies stemming from the malevolent delusions of Christianity. There is a religious origin to the horror that these ideologies have set in motion. Since 1945 you've seen the most murderous mass murder in history, the mass murder of other forms of life. This is not only a study in criminality, it's a study in stupidity. Because if you kill off the other forms of life you're going to kill off yourself. Where we are today is that this mass murder must go on to preserve the current system. and any attempt to stop it will bring down the system, because the system is based on mass murder and the middle class bourgeois green movements, while well-intentioned, are kind of a farce because the very nature of the system is based on mass murder the only solution is revolution, and the green movements are funded by corporations and so on. They are very unlikely to produce revolution. So environmentally we move towards disaster, relentlessly all across the world, we do.


Now in the case of the economy the we are the end of the huge debt super cycle and that's not going to be pleasant either, the whole unwinding of this. Now what we want to discuss here are the geopolitical aspects of the debt super cycle. You see Uncle Samuel America has been running these huge deficits in international payments to prop up an unviable system. Things started going downhill once Europe and Japan recovered from World War II in the late 60s and the 70s, the pace of decline really began to accelerate in the 80s and after a brief return to balance due to the devaluation of the dollar and other measures by the Reagan administration, it's just been a wholesale collapse. And this is coming, these chicken so to speak are now coming home to roost.


Trump at least is the first president that discusses this in terms of the severity of the problem — which is refreshing. I mean this is this is people such as Navarro and so on are at least discuss a problem and that's a step forward. The problem is that we are not convinced that Trump is going to handle this in the best way. He is going to try to solve these problems but the system is so shaky the whole "bull in a china shop" approach of the Trump administration may trigger the whole financial house of cards to come tumbling down. If it comes to comes tumbling down you could have an economic crisis that will be the greatest economic crisis in history. If you study this thing is one big upside down house of cards.


Now working to try to take a little trip around the world here and try to figure out where things might go. Europe has a huge problem and that problem is known as Angela Merkel. This woman is a protégé of American imperialism. She is. She is a totally despicable and disgusting individual who has engineered not one, but three major catastrophes. Catastrophe number one is Merkel decided to play politics with the Greek bailout with the end result that had she provided aid in the beginning the situation might've remained under control. By not providing a beginning the entire Greek bond market and the entire Greek economy collapsed, leading to hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to chronic prevent everything from collapsing and this is still unresolved.

Now on disaster number two was her going along with Obama to restart a cold war against Russia and more will be said about that later in the lecture. Putin represents an existential threat to American imperialism because he won't go along with all this. They cannot order him about and they're very evil people. When they run into somebody they can't order about they try to kill the person, as they did with Qaddafi, as they tried to do with Assad, and so on and so forth as they did with Lumumba, as they tried to do with Ho Chi Minh. And so this is not unusual behavior. But what drives them nuts is that they don't have the power to get rid of Putin. So Merkel went along with this with utterly disastrous results for Europe.

Disaster number three by Angela Merkel is her mishandling of the refugee situation, of mindlessly accepting refugees produced by Obama's imperialist wars in the in the Middle East, and that's led to a social catastrophe in Europe, and ha led to a very damaging situation, which is Britain leaving the EU. The EU is the future of Europe. But because the Britain's saw what a mess Merkel that inspired them to vote to get out of Europe. Now the Brexit situation is just an utterly disastrous situation. So where that goes, who knows? I mean maybe England divorces itself from Europe over the long run.


But Europe is now in a state of turmoil because the edifice that was put in place by American imperialism is now very shaky. Unfortunately a lot of the so-called right wing movements that have emerged are more sort of provincial movements there against the EU, against this, against that, they don't really understand the need for a united Europe. So it's not quite clear. Europe could be in for a period of turmoil here. The whole world could be in for a period of turmoil. Creative thinking in Europe would look to an alliance with Russia.


Now, getting back to Russia and getting back to the United States, it's not at all clear that the new Cold War is over with Trump. There are hugely powerful forces in America, in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party that want an all-out confrontation with Russia. And as we have discovered first-hand going on talking to these people, the forces that are opposing this are very small and are not very well organized and you would not be wanting to hold your breath to see these people produce any results. So it's not at all clear that the Cold War that Obama started, which is a very huge disaster of huge significance, is over.


Indeed the other aspect of Trump's policy which is yet to come into view in the fog of war so to speak is Trump's policy towards China. At a minimum this is going to be an economic confrontation. However it may also turn into a military confrontation. Under Obama, China and Russia were moving closer. These are two countries that really don't like each other very much. But Obama's incompetent and fraudulent diplomacy drove them together. If the new Cold War does not come to an end under Trump, then China and Russia will move closer. And for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, America will face a geopolitical giant that could pose a significant challenge to its military power.


Meanwhile America is in a huge state of turmoil and the financial promises of Trump are...blue sky...they're fairytale. The huge tax cuts. Increase in military spending, pennies from heaven, trillions from heaven, whatever you want to call it, this is not realistic and this will further compound the global hyper bubble and will lead to lead to further chances for a global economic crisis.


So what is ahead is turmoil. Now what is missing in this, and this is where we come in, is the formulation of a global ideology of justice, a global ideology that will deal with what's coming. Now it's very important to realize that short of some miracle in agriculture or the environment — and we think that's very unlikely — what's coming is a correction of the environmental hyper bubble. And what that will mean is a large decline in the human population, probably on the level of the Black Death, maybe even higher. We're talking about billions of people whose lives are not only going to be no longer necessary, but they are simply going to expire, and are not likely to expire peacefully. So a lot of people aren't really going go for the fact that their lives are a videogame with the screens flashing "Game Over." They aren't really going to go for that.


But the whole illusion of American imperialism will be exposed as an illusion. It will be exposed as an allusion, as a hoax. Yes it will. And the whole idea that this is a world order that is for "everybody" will be exposed. It's not a world order for everybody. It's a world order for the "haves" and the "have not's." And we will discuss this further.



Looking ahead further into 2017 and beyond. We look around the world and we see that we are at the end of an age. This is the end of the age of American imperialism that was imposed in 1945, and gained further ascendancy after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Looking around, it's not a pretty sight. Latin America's largest country, Brazil, is in the state of a truly horrendous political crisis. The president has just been forced to resign, but she has been replaced by people who seem to be equally corrupt and the public seems just as angry with them as they were with her. In India you have a neo-fascist government that just put through a completely crazy decision about abolishing paper currency. That doesn't look very good, and that has potential for a lot of trouble. In Japan you have another extreme right-wing government in power, which is also on very shaky shape. The Japanese economy has run up huge debts in the last 10 to 20 years, you have the possibility of an earthquake underneath Tokyo, which is highly likely. And you have the unresolved nightmare of Fukushima. So this is all not a pretty sight. As you look around the world. Africa is a collection of higgledy-piggledy little states that are the legacy of Western imperialism, and that has a lot of problems too. But sitting on top of all this is the hyper bubble. The entire structure of the financial hyper bubble, because when that bursts, that will be like throwing a match into a pool of gasoline.


A larger point here is that you can't build a society on greed. You can't do that, and that's the whole structure of this American imperialist world order that was built since 1945 in America. 1945 Was a kind of hybrid political system between the botched social reforms of Roosevelt and the plutocrats on Wall Street, and out of this came the liberal establishment of Wall Street, the big foundations and so on. This had huge problems from day one and under Obama, it kind of went into its death throes. Clinton and Obama have helped seal the fate of this and also revealed the disgusting fraud of liberal imperialism. Liberal imperialism is the same ideology that used agent orange against the Vietnamese people. It's the same ideology that put through welfare reform under Clinton, the criminal piece of legislation and so on. So this is an ideology that had no chance of working. This is an ideology that was contrary to the environment from day one. This is an ideology that is fundamentally malevolent and is headed for the junkyard of history.


Now what comes next? That's the big question because outside of Russia and China, the world is in tremendous turmoil. The lunatics in the West want to overthrow Putin. That's what they want to do, the so-called "human rights," people, and so on. They want to over overthrow Putin. That's their goal. It's very important to understand that this is a very dangerous task. Now they will probably not succeed. But as we look forward we see a division in the world between the turmoil in the West, and a Moscow Beijing axis. This has great significance for the future.


A key question is how stable China and Russia really are. That's not entirely clear. In the case of China, you will have an absolutely murderous dictatorship presiding over an environmental living hell, and I guess you have to ask at what point do China's catastrophic environmental problems lead to death on an enormous scale. And the answer is we don't know, because again China is a totalitarian state. We don't know. But the prospects of a horrendous meltdown in China are high. Our view is that the Chinese government is sufficiently murderous and sufficiently ruthless that they will kill...this is a regime you must understand that murdered 50 to 80 million of their own citizens, and they will do it again if necessary to keep themselves in power. But things are going to become more and more unstable, and there's going to be a kind of time of troubles up ahead.


Ultimately there will be the figure of the Emperor who will emerge. They will put in place a system to bring the world back in touch with nature. The political systems in West probably aren't going to bring things back in touch with nature. No, there's going to be an ever unfolding disaster, particularly if the environment really starts to go. But the Emperor — or the emperors —we don't know — dictatorships will emerge around the world, they will impose environmental reforms by force.


When the hyper bubble bursts there is going to be a huge battle between the haves and the have-nots. And the have-nots are not going to be in a very happy mood. No, they are not. So this is going to be a violent situation, a very violent situation, and just a whole lot of turmoil. Now where we come in is to outline this ideology and to provide guidance and educate people about the past, to shatter the illusions of 1945. You cannot overestimate the scale of brainwashing put in by the imperialists of 1945. You cannot overemphasize that. You got to remember if you go into — well there are not that many bookstores left, they've been put out of business — but let's assume you found a bookstore, or library, most of the books you see were written since 1945. They represent a view of American imperialism. They don't represent truth. American universities don't represent truth. This is ludicrous. This is just a snapshot in time. History is a process of thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years. This is a little snapshot in time that's amplified via propaganda in the media and aggregates itself as truth, the Declaration of Independence isn't truth, the Constitution isn't truth, this is lunacy. These are the delusions of a crack addict. This is a really criminal lunacy in light of the wholesale mass murder and destruction of other forms. This is an ideology of murder, and ideology of death. So this will come apart and the ideology of death must be replaced with an ideology of life. And this is not going to be a very pleasant process. When the dust settles, when the smoke clears, you will have a much smaller population and things are going to be sorted out in a very ruthless manner.


One of the things that's coming is what we call the biotechnology revolution with super soldiers. The ability to manipulate the genetic code will be organized. Ectogenesis, birth outside the womb, all these things, will be put together. And at the same time there's going to be a huge reduction in the population. Nobody's going to have a "right to life," there's going to be a huge sorting out of who lives and who dies. That's going to be a real volatile situation, because a lot of people aren't going to be very happy to be on the receiving end. No they are not. So that's a very important point to understand.


But we need to create the ideological framework, look back in history, look back in religion, and create the ideological framework for the savage new world that's coming. And the savage new world is a reflection of the savage old world. The real world is a savage world. The real world of nature is a savage world and we are moving back to that. But this will put forth an opportunity for life. And it also fits into a religious worldview of the samsara, and truth, justice, the reward of life after death so on and so forth. Because what's going to be going on here isn't going to be terribly happy. The notion that people are going to have some marvelous time here in their lives, well that's probably not going to happen. Okay just ain't going to happen. So there will have to be a religious concept by which this is put together. A big task, but history unfolds, and we have come a long way in presenting this, and we need to continue to move forward. The religious vision is a key part of this whole thing. Yes it is. Of putting together a meta-political view, and meta-religious view of what's coming up.

That's our goal that's where we plan to go in 2017 and beyond.