What we're going to talk about today is the courage to speak out - the importance of prophetic voices. The truth is very much like Hydrochloric Acid. No matter how many prisons are built by those in power, no matter how many torture chambers are set up, no matter how many secret police forces are hired, no matter how much propaganda is dispensed via the media and the education system, the truth is very much like Hydrochloric Acid and it has the power to burn through whatever prisons are placed around it. Reality cannot be denied. There's an ancient Asian saying: there are two things that a man cannot stare down one is the sun the other is the truth.



Today we have in the form of American imperialism a system completely disconnected from truth. We have a system that puts forth a fairytale world of a utopia via capitalism, all sorts of delusions via the American political system where people are supposedly going to end up living in a high­tech wonderland that will go on and on and on. This isn't real. What's really going on is documented on our website: the greatest destruction...the greatest Holocaust...the criminal mass murder of life on this planet. Now we can go over all the details, but you just go to our website and read. We are in the middle of the largest destruction of life since the Permian extinction. Now this obviously is not going to work. No it's not. And the political structure of the world (and it's not just America, it's a whole series of systems that are contrary to nature) keep themselves in power by borrowing more and more from the future by destroying more and more nature to keep themselves in power and to protect against domestic unrest.


The propaganda mastermind of Nazi Germany once made the observation that propaganda in order to work has to be as closely connected to the truth as possible otherwise nobody's going to believe it. And an example of the validity of this point of view was the former Soviet Union, where you had a dimwitted bureaucracy that just kept putting out all sorts of garbage that eventually nobody ended up believing anything the Soviet government stated and then the whole system collapsed. Now in the West it's a more sophisticated and more subtle situation where people are told that they are free. It's very important to note that we do have the right of free speech, and it's it's very important that we exercise that right. It's very it's a very good thing, so we don't want to be overly critical of American imperialism. There are some positive aspects to it in its current situation. Though since 911 there has been a comprehensive plan to reduce political freedom, which has been enthusiastically supported by both Republican and Democratic administrations. Indeed in some ways Obama has carried Bush's assault on the Constitution to even more dangerous extremes. But we do have the ability to speak out in the West and that is important. The West creates a sort of vision that there is the freedom to change things and there is the potential freedom to change things, but the downside of this is that it gives people a false sense of complacency. It is very important to understand that the status quo is leading to disaster.


Now the great paradox and a damning indictment of the whole system - particularly in America - is that the whole logic for destroying the environment was that this was supposedly creating prosperity. The American economy started having major problems going back to 1973, which is the year in which all constant dollar wages for ordinary people peaked. Today they have back to where they were in the early 1960's. This has been papered over. The problems in the American economy have been papered over by debt. Debt per se is not bad if it's used for investment, but this debt has been used for consumption, and if you look at the chart of total debt as a percentage of the economy, it's at an all time high right now. Which is pretty mind­boggling because that means that it's at a higher level than it was at the depths of the depression when you had a previous peak in debt right before the crash. And then because the entire economy collapsed, it went to an even higher level. So you need to understand that false societies and sick societies are unable to solve problems and continually run up bigger and bigger debts. Now this is what happened in France before the revolution in 1789. The government couldn't function. They had their own version of states rights turning things over to the part of all the local governments, which was a total catastrophe and you had more and more gimmicks before you had a total disaster.


Now getting back to today, what is important is to show people the power of the ability to tell the truth. For this we pick two people: Alexander Solzhenitsyn in Soviet Union and Martin Luther in Renaissance Germany. You ask yourself what's the risk for you speaking out? What's your risk? What are you so afraid of? In the Soviet Union they had a totalitarian state, massive torture chambers and so and. Solzhenitsyn was just a nobody. He was in nobody and in a concentration camp and one day he thought he would finally commit suicide. He was in such a state of despair and a voice came into his head which said, "Today no one can hear you, but tomorrow the world will hear you." And this man had the courage to stand up against the largest dictatorship in the world, and eventually publish works that help bring down to the unthinkable - bring down the entire system. So the truth matters. Now another example of the truth was Martin Luther in Renaissance Germany. While the risks of speaking out in Renaissance Germany were large, the people have realized the full madhouse of the church control of life in throughout Europe going up until the time of the French Revolution. If you spoke out against the church, you could be tortured to death. But Luther is a guy who is a complete nobody, a complete nobody among a Wittenberg tinker twin town off in the middle of nowhere in Saxony. One day he just goes and sticks of series of protest notes on the door of his church. This set off a revolution that rocked all of Europe to its very foundations. Now why did these things work? Because they were true.


Now here in America today we have seen a portent of what's to come, specifically the Bernie Sanders campaign. My establishment Democratic friends laugh themselves blue in the face when Sanders announced his candidacy. Why...they thought this was the biggest joke you ever had, Sanders running for president was the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen. But Sanders represented important truths about the destruction of the middle class, the crisis of the middle class that the establishment didn't want to discuss because the establishment of the Democratic Party has been more or less been receiving funding since the 1980s from big business and they put out the rubbish and big business ideas about how everything going so great. Obama puts out his rubbish about how the economy is just fine and so on and so forth and that is a very malevolent reason why this is put out and sticks to its to reduce descendents instrument key people going along with the plutocratic structured it's ruining everybody's lives so on Sanders put forth a different point of view and his campaign was successful beyond anybody's wildest dreams so you see that's that's the point there's there's a power in the truth now what's going to be happening in coming years is the whole Craddock system is going to fall apart as as prophetic voices like Chris Hedges and Cornell West to bury correctly predicted and it's going to be it is and it's going to become increasingly harder for the plutocrats at the top of the system to pretend that everything is just fine with us prophetic voices are to become more and more powerful and that that comes back to us because we can become more and more powerful by positioning ourselves as prophetic voices particularly our ability to reach out to the underground reach out to future radical leaders were going to come to power on the ashes of the current situation that we believe in fate and everyone who has a responsibility to speak out needs to speak out it's the concept of all if you are if you do not speak out and you know what's wrong that you bear the responsibility for what's happening you see you do that



We need to conclude this lecture with the concept of what's safe and what's not safe run systems try to convince people that the same thing to do is to go along with gone you can have a nice job go along you can get promoted go on y'all be safe go along we've got money for your kids someone and so on and so forth but here's the deal suppose you're in a boat in the middle of the river and up ahead you can hear the door of the waterfall and you can see the sea sky and this is no more River now sticking with the status quo on talking to the captain that maybe you can get a raise doesn't really matter will obviously it doesn't because you need to get that boat ashore ASAP and that's where we're at right now the idea that you're going to have a safe little life by going on with these people were running things is absurd they are not going to be able to save your ass their grip on this planet is slipping and when elites collapse as they did in the French Revolution as they did in the Russian Revolution one of the reasons why they collapse is there no longer able to protect the people they claim to be protecting that's right so people no longer have anything to lose by standing up and fighting were not at that point but we are approaching the point and that's an important point to keep in mind what was the safety and going along with the status quo some people say why I got kids I I got a raise my kids I don't want to speak out at what what kind of future your kids going to have with these lunatics running things will obviously a nightmare so if you have kids you actually have greater interest in speaking out that you don't have kids societies always try to set up a system of rewards and punishments to keep themselves in power it's as old as history but things are coming to a turning point in American history yes they are and there is the issue of faith there is the issue of judgment and justice people who speak out on the truth you may fail you may get executed it's no guarantee of success

The success of Luther was to a large extent based on the failure of John Haas John has previously spoke out very articulately with the Catholic Church he was betrayed by politicians in power in his day so like a modern establishment liberals and he was turned over to the Catholic Church and execute but his courage laying the groundwork for what was to come the protesters at Kingman Square were in many ways very naïve and unrealistic but they are sacrifice was not in vain because there was a very important visitor in China at that point Mikhail Gorbachev and he was so horrified by what happened that he determined not to resist the protesters in Europe in 1989 setting the stage for the total and complete collapse of the Soviet Union to the protesters in in Nam Kingman Square in 1989 in China did not bring down their regime but they did bring down the other communist giant in the world yes they did so there's an issue of faith is an issue of judgment if you stand up you are given power by fate yes you are likewise if you try to go along with the doom system what does that say about you if you were aware of what's wrong and you failed to speak out do you not have a retribution on you do you not have bad karma in your life that was through what's safe what's not safe the current system isn't going to be able to save you that's a basic fact so you've got to start standing up and fighting back we have resources on our website that shows you what to do, and they are read be enlightened that's the end of this lecture