The subject that we're going to discuss today is the global sexual revolution. The great paradox of today's society is the huge manipulation of people's sexual desires for financial gain by the largest corporations in the most respected business leaders in the world, while any explicit in intellectual discussion of sexuality is basically illegal in the media. It is legal to show the most gruesome and violent acts, but it is illegal to show explicit sexual acts. So what we have used the manipulation of sexuality by the financial elite and the suppression of any intellectual discussion of sexuality.


Now how did we get into this position? You cannot understand where we or in society in relation to matters such as sexuality if you don't understand the history of Western society. In 395 ED one of the greatest disasters in the history of the world took place. An obscure cult called Christianity seized control of the Roman Empire. They had been struggling to seize control for quite a while and since Constantine legalized them, they had been struggling to seize control of the Roman Empire in 394 via the lunatic, the Emperor Theodosius. The second they achieved their goal what happened was the fall of Rome and the greatest religious reign of terror in the history of the world. The Roman Empire was a relatively tolerant place. But that ended in 395. All other religions and the followers of all other religions were massacred. Temples of other religions were destroyed. Libraries containing priceless works of intellectual thought were burned to the
ground. It was a scene out of hell.

And these people achieved a stranglehold over Western society right up until the 18th century. And there their tactics of totalitarian repression were one of the things that caused people such as Thomas Jefferson to take a very skeptical view of religion in the writing of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and other matters.

But getting back to what happened in 395, there was a total system of totalitarian
religious terror released due to self contradictions in the Bible. It also led to a bloody Civil War inside the church itself and plenty of persecutions of other Christians.

On an important a side note that should be kept in mind, the Christians were never really persecuted under the Roman Empire. That's a pack of lies. Other than the persecution of Diocletian, there was no persecution of Christians.

The results of the catastrophic decision in 395 were not long in coming. In 410 a Christian, German General Alaric sacked Rome. And in 455 another Christian German general sacked Rome again. These were cataclysmic events which had never occurred before, and fairly shortly, the entire Western Roman Empire just completely collapsed into chaos. The scale of disaster could be seen in that the population of
Rome under pagan rule was around one million. But under the Christian carnage was unleashed, it dropped to about 50,000. So all of this was really a cataclysmic disaster.

Then, and now, a lot of the deranged Christian ideas have led to a huge degree of decline in public health and the spread of epidemics because the Christians felt bathing was immoral because people were nude in the pool. So they took care of preventing that from happening, leading to a huge decline in sanitation, and that is just tip the iceberg.

Now in the seventh century, the majority of Christians in the world had basically had it with this nonsense and they converted to Islam. So over half the Christians in the world basically said sayonara to Jesus and joined Islam. And contrary to the myths in the West, Islam in the Middle Ages was relatively tolerant. Classical Islam was a relatively tolerant religion that didn't have the persecutions and the endless witch trials that Christianity had.

That's one of the biggest reasons people left Christianity. So this was not a good scene. However this religion Christianity has had a stranglehold over the West for a long period of time. Now starting in the 15th and 16th centuries, this religion launched a bloody campaign. First in the New World and then all across other parts of the world, the so-called New World, in the Americas this led to what was the largest campaign of genocide in world history and the largest campaign of slavery, and the justifications for genocide, and the justifications for slavery came directly from the Bible, as we pointed out in our pages on Christianity and slavery, and the endless impact of the owners role racism in Western white Christian Patriarchy.


And so now on by the year 1900 Christianity, the white Christian patriarchy, had taken over most of the world. So we were all ready for a new era of moral-living, peace, happiness and so on. Well obviously not. The tidal wave of death and destruction, two world wars, a hundred million people murdered by their governments, but most important you had a crisis in the environment because of the deranged views of nature of Christian theology. So we now have a planet that's on the verge of having the extinction of human life and a good part of the rest of life on the planet. That's the end result of all this. So this has to be kept in mind as a framework in discussing sexuality.


Getting back to the issue of sexuality, you have to take a close look at the psychology of America to get this more clearly understood. In 1945 there were fairytale ideas peddled by Franklin Roosevelt and others about building this wonderful world with the four freedoms. So this ended up completely collapsing into a total disaster and on fairly shortly afterward a sort of Third World War got started the cold war. In 1949 the Russians exploded an atomic bomb and the Chinese won - the Chinese communist won the Chinese Civil War. America went completely crackers. It basically had a total nervous breakdown and evangelists like Billy Graham, who were previously going nowhere, all of a sudden had become celebrities. There was an orgy of church building. There was an orgy of religious revival. In God we trust was put on the coins and the church prayer breakfasts were peddled in Washington and so on. So that was just an explosion of religion - the biggest church building boom in American history is the 1950s, and this meant a further accentuation of the priggish attitudes about sex.

However this was like trying to further - the forces of liberation that had been set in motion in the 18th century were still very much a large - and the whole lunatic nature of the Christian structure of America in the 1950s started to basically come apart at the seams. An interesting vignette on this is the film The Wild One with Marlon Brando. Which was not only a study in teenage rebellion, but it was also a very interesting moment in a American sexuality, because Marlon Brando was openly bisexual and the leather biker look - which became adopted by all sorts of people who never thought they were gay - became a sort of dominant role of gay culture. Indeed the artist, Tom of Finland...he took his inspiration from Marlon Brando's The Wild One. So it's very interesting to see how a gay model became a role model for all sorts of macho man who would abhor gay sexuality and so it's an interesting paradox. But it's an interesting point of the larger point of the emergence of gay sexuality.


Now in the 1960s the whole sexual structure of America basically kind of collapsed because the lunatic world of evangelism was just not working, and you had an explosion of sexuality, you had an explosion that drugs, the so-called counterculture and all that. This was net a positive force because it raise people's consciousness and we see there is a direct connection between the sexual revolution and the rise of the environmental movement. But it was also kind of a disaster in so far as that this was taking place in the context of a society that denied sexuality, banned drugs, and so on and so forth. So you had people having promiscuous sex with no idea of what they were doing and no intelligent sex education etc. etc. etc. So this was very predicable - an explosion of teenage pregnancy, venereal disease, other problems, dysfunctional relationships and so there was an ugly side to the sexual revolution of the 1960s.


In the case of drugs a similar situation where the drugs were banned, as a result people were taking God knows what from some shady drug dealers and getting poisoned and getting killed in silence. So this is not so good. Society reacted vis-à-vis a Nixon, and a good part of Democrats too with the so-called war on drugs. Which of course wasn't on drugs. It was a war over unauthorized drugs and was basically an attempt to smash the counterculture, which it actually was quite successful in doing. Also when Nixon abolished the draft, that also undermined the counterculture and a huge wave of reaction set in. And the undisciplined nature of so much of the counterculture and the ugly fallout of that caused many people to lapse back - because of their ignorance of religion or lack of choices - they lapsed back into Christianity and sexual repression and so on.

George W. Bush is a classic example of this. He was a former alcoholic and later became an international war criminal, killing millions of people overseas and so on with his religious delusions as well as damn near bankrupting the country with his crazy tax cuts and so on. So this is this an example of a further deterioration of American life.


Now on getting back to the sexual revolution in America, as the 60s - in the 60s there was also a trend towards gay liberation, but the 60s were not very good for gay liberation because the 60s pushed everybody's sex life almost public particularly for young people. For a lot of gay men people were like well why don't you have a girlfriend, so a lot of gay men committed suicide in the 1960s. And also when you make sexuality the ultimate goal in life, that creates a new hierarchy, a new set of winners and losers, and that has a not very happy result. But throughout this whole mess the there was a rising tide of gay liberation which we think is very significant because we see a rebellion against the white Christian patriarchy as healthy and getting people back in touch with their natural feelings and so on and a basically positive development.

So what we've had is an evolution of gay liberation, which is very significant and has actually been quite successful going up to the present time. Now another issue that we have to discuss in terms of sexuality in Americas - again due to the sexual repression it's not discussed, but is the rise of the porn movement. Now with the advent of the Internet - in the 1960s the Supreme Court case prevented porn from continually being banned, so that ended and with the rise of the 60s culture and 70s culture there was much more explicit sexuality in music and in art and film and so when we  regard that also as healthy. As a healthy, positive development in spite of all the exploitation and so on. A net positive.


But what people don't discuss today which is truly revolutionary is that hard­core pornography is virtually omnipresent and it's a virtually history making change in the history of sexuality in this country. So that previously in order to read porn at a minimum you had go to a bookstore and get a porn magazine like Penthouse, or whatever it is, to make some kind of effort or to get hard­core pornography and go to some obscure store in a shady part of town and deal with shady people. A big contrast we might say to Germany where sex stores are in shopping malls that are brightly lit, attractive, etc. So anyway, but today you have wild hard core pornography which is virtually omnipresent and very significant because many people today are assuming that pornography equals sexuality, and it does not. And this we see as a net plus, but it is very dangerous because people assume that the sexuality they see in porn is real and then wonder how come their life isn't like the hyper-sexuality they see and so on.

So sexuality is like a hunger, it's a desire and if people feel their desires are not being satisfied in the real world they become even more discontented than they might otherwise be.


To sum this thing up, where are we going in terms of sexuality in America? We see this taking place against a total societal collapse behind the scenes of the environment and the economy. So you are going to have the world return to a more natural state, but it will not do that in a very nice way. No it will not. You will have a very violent world struggle between the haves and have-nots. There is to be a great deal of killing and death as various factions fight among themselves for what's left over after the plutocracy collapses and in sexuality it's like having a spring bend back and come flying back forward. It's going to be a wild and kind of crazy time on and this is going to lead to a great deal of turmoil. You should see it as the birth pangs of a new age, and these can be very blurry and very painful birth pangs as people move back to a world where sexuality is not repressed and it is seen as a positive powerful natural force. And our role is to try to be constructive and put this in a healthy positive perspective, supporting things such as explicit sex education and other important matters so people understand what's going on and so on. But it would be very foolish to think that the title wave of chaos that is coming can be controlled beyond a certain point. This is going to be a tumultuous return to a natural world. But a natural world will be coming and it will be very different from the world we have. It's going to be a buddy road. But nature remains. Time remains the same. The world will be coming back to a natural state.