Our role at World Future Fund and Underground Web World is to tune into the collective unconscious - to march in the steps of the shamans and the prophets of the past. There is the concept of the responsive chord. The oral tradition is connected to music, it's like poetry and it is to reach out and reach into the global collective unconscious of billions of people. This is our role. The world of the educational system, the modern education system, the world of the modern corporate media is an artificial world and our role is to awaken people via the collective unconscious to reality. This is done via the oral tradition. It is also done via music and film and other forms of art, these can reach the subconscious part of the mind.That is one of the reasons why we have created underground web world and we have the guides for artists around the world, so they can further communicate what they feel - and that's a point, it's about what you feel not just what you think. The whole tidal wave of junk and garbage and static from the corporate media is a blizzard and a maze and you might call it a toxic dust storm of junk and trying to sort all this out without a firm spiritual grounding is hopeless.

But time remains the same and nature remains the same and we are on the winning end of history - we are. It's important not to be diluted by the pretensions of a sick and suicidal world order. It's important not to be intimidated by these people. These people are nobody's, they're nothing and they stand in front of billions of years of history of the planet. Human history is only a couple of thousand years, the existence of the human species is at most about 40,000 years, in other words this is nothing, this is nothing. So we need to get priorities straight - getting back to our role, our role is to awaken people to what's wrong, awaken people to the need for reform. The need for reform supersedes political ideologies. We would prefer that reform take place in a nonviolent matter. We would prefer that the Democratic system be made to work, but the Democratic system is not an end in itself, it's not some sort of religion. It's simply a means to an end and if it doesn't work it needs to be superseded, there's a moral obligation to supersede it. It doesn't have the right to kill everybody on the planet - no it doesn't - and it will be superseded. It's not going to last. So we are here as messengers. We are here as shamans. We are here to provide warnings and to provide guidance. That's our role.