The religious right in America claims that it has the solution for women. They want to tell us who to fuck, when to fuck and how to fuck. Rick Santorum himself wants to throw women in jail for having anal sex. Unfortunately, I don't think these guys have the solution. Why are they so interested in who I'm fucking? Maybe it's because their own sex life is a joke. Now, I have an open mind, I'm willing to hear what these guys have to say. Yet they're not just trying to give out sex tips. They are trying to enshrine their word into law. Until recently, sodomy was actually illegal in America. The religious right wants to bring us back, not just a couple of decades, but a couple of centuries.Who are they to tell me I can't have a dick up my butt, when the track record shows that both Evangelicals and Catholics love having a juicy cock up their asses. So, what should we give these guys? Should we give them a chance to run the show? Well actually, they've had a chance to do that for centuries.

So let's see what happened when these people took power. Now Rome was a vast empire that lasted almost 1000 years. Yet when the Christian right took over in 395 AD, the whole system collapsed in less than 80 years. What did these people have to offer Europe that was so great? A dark age of ignorance? Crusades? Witchhunts? Inquisitions? They tortured and imprisoned and killed anyone who didn't agree with their madhouse ideology, including other Christians. From the witchhunts in New England to the genocide of natives in the New World, their system wasn't the shining city upon a hill that they said it would be. By 1900, the evangelical Christians had taken over most of the world. Surely this was the time when they would get things right. The results? Two world wars, a Holocaust and a world order in which 100 million were killed by their own governments, and now, the greatest systematic destruction of life on the planet, of the environment that the world is seen in 65 million years since the Permian extinction. So, I don't think their system worked out that great.

So what should women do about these men trying to run their sex lives? Well, I have a solution. Now it seems that these guys seem to like having a dick up their ass. As the Christian system is collapsing, there is a pre-Christian, pagan revival around the world and the Goddess is being reborn - and she's a compassionate Goddess. She's going to give these guys what they want and what they deserve and she's going to need a lot of lube and a lot of dildos to fuck all these mother fuckers for the decades and centuries they've been fucking people over. She's going to have to ram a big hard dildo of retribution up their collective asses, and based on their track record, they'll come all over the floor, they'll kiss her steel toed boots and beg her for more. Women of America, the Goddess is back and reform is on the way!