(Jessica audio)

How can you rearrange your life to be more creative? How can you cause the change in the world that you want to see in your self? Now, you might look around and see that society is going to shit. I could waste your time in this lecture by quoting all kinds of various statistics about environmental destruction, pollution, suicide and the prevalence of health and mental health problems war and etc. - in crime and in all that stuff - you know I don't even need to tell you. All you need to do is just look around and you can see it all around you. And you must ask "how can people continue to live like this and not try to change?" It is because many people in the American education system and media have been spending the first two decades of your life just brainwashing you. As George Carlin said, you know the education system teaches you enough so that you can read and comprehend the American law, but not enough to be critical of that law. Enough to be willing and obedient slaves, more or less. We want to give you the tools so you can grab the whip out of the oppressors hand and slap him in the face.

Now part of this to being creative is living your life as a modern-day shaman. Just as in the ancient world, shamans lived on the fringe. For you must live on the outside of society to be able to see it for what it is and understand it objectively. And in the world today is the source is not from the mainstream, but from the fringe that have potent messages about reality. For example, it is the world of metal or punk music that can really have a powerful message because they are not corrupted by the poisons of the mainstream. So if you want to be creative, part of that is just turning off the television and going outside in nature and experiencing for yourself the truth. Because there's many things in life that can't be taught, but must be experienced to know.Nature is the ultimate book and you must read from its pages to understand reality.

So were offering you a choice between the red pill and the blue pill. Do you want to stay mired in the world of illusion that is crumbling all around you and be part of the collateral damage? Or do you want to know the truth?

Come to our website, check out our creative materials: movies, music, literature, art. These are what awaken a true reality, a spiritual reality, a fire within and that is what will awaken the modern-day shaman.