Time is a judge of reality. It's a judge of what's true and what's not true. Nature is a system that is billions of years old. Its laws are eternal.

Today's world order - American-style democracy - is only 200 years old: a system with very shallow roots in history. Yet our world leaders tell us that this is the one system, the best system for the entire planet. This is a system that has presided over the greatest extinction of life seen, since the Permian extinction that killed off the dinosaurs 250 million years ago.Our world leaders tell us that this is a good system, a benevolent system, and that any problems are just a minor hiccup in what is a benevolent plan.

Yet these are lies. The reality is that this is a malevolent system, a system that is killing the biological foundations of life on the planet. This is not sustainable. There's going to be massive violence, massive fall out ahead. This could be the end of democracy as we know it. When this system falls apart, a series of dictators will come to power to clean up the mess that democracy has caused. So we need to start thinking creatively about the real future ahead because the future of humanity depends on it.