Hello. My name is Jessica and I'm here to talk about nature's laws. Now nature is a system that is billions of years old. It has survived five major mass extinctions.

Now today's leaders, they want you to believe that their system of capitalistic democracy is the one system and the best system for the entire planet. Now we can go all kinds of reasons, statistics, as to why this isn't true, but we don't need to, because all you have to do is look at the world around you and decide for yourself if this really is the one system and the best system for all.

But the truth is that there is one law that reigns supreme above all laws and that is nature's laws. People today have a Disney view of nature, a fairy tail view of nature that its all just flower power and peace. But that's not true. Nature is a harsh system and it is a system that does not compromise. and its laws cannot be lobbied, imprison or changed. The politicians may have the clocks, but nature has the time, and all the money in the world can't add another minute to the day. The truth is that time is running out for humanity and what is needed is change, drastic change. What is needed is for people to step forward with new ideologies that can bring humankind into the future.

It would be great if today's democracies could put through some kind of peaceful reform, but if that doesn't happen, then democracy will be removed and another ideology will be installed in its place. This has been the case in history. This is nothing new. We've been studying history for a long time, because history represents what is to come in the future. The reality is that the last 5000 years of written human history have mostly been authoritarian in nature. Society has not been ruled by democracy, but for the most part it has been ruled by kings, dictators, Caesar's...that has been the norm.

So what is likely to happen when democracy fails is that brutal leaders will rise up to push through needed reforms, to pushed through change. and the more that people resist these leaders, the more violence there will be to come. We already predict that there will be a lot of violence as a result of climate disaster, political instability, we don't need to go into all the details. We just know that there is a violent future coming and we think that you know that too.

So at nature political revolution, it is our goal to visualize a new political system, and I really shouldn't say new because it will be a manifestation of ancient laws, eternal laws that the world's philosophers and religions understood to be true, but today we have forgotten. So it is our job to visualize this ancient philosophy coming into the New World. It is our job to visualize the laws of nature being respected by man once again. and whoever this leader is, or these leaders to come, these future Caesar's, they will be a manifestation of nature's laws. Agents of fate. They will put through the harsh reforms needed to get human beings back on track, to get people to live on the planet in a responsible manner. We ourselves are profits of what is to come, visionaries of the bold new future. So check out our ideologies in Nature's Political Revolution. Thank You.