I am just a person. A person like you, with friends, family, job. Things to gain. Things to lose.

But who am I really? In the bigger picture.

I'm more than that. I am made of stars. My DNA is the same as that of the tree. I am part of a universe that is billions of years old, a planet that is 4.5 billion years old.

And in the scheme of just a just the blink of an eye.

Today's government...democracy...Capitalism. These things are based on ideas that are 200 years old. And yet in so short a time, our world leaders are presiding over an extinction of life on this planet. An extinction that scientists are calling a sixth major mass extinction, comparible to the events that wiped out the dinosaurs.

But I am not worried about nature.

Nature will go on. Nature is billions of years old.

Nature has the time. Humanity doesn't.

So it's time to start talking about human civiliation. How we live. Can we coexist without destroying the very fundamentals we need for life?

Our leaders have raised on a lie. On the idea that money is the sum of life.

But you cannot eat money. You cannot breath money. And all the money in the world won't add another minute to the day.

So it's time to start talking about reality. About the real future. About what's coming.

In order to understand the future. You must understand the past. And despite all the knowledge we have to day. We have forgotten the wisdom of our ancestors. The ancient world. Most history. Was a brutal place. A place where the harsh laws of nature reigned supreme. And as today's synthetic world order spirals out of control, that ancient world will emerge with a vengeance.

That is the real storm coming. The real world that is emerging in reaction to the nightmare our leaders have created.

Our leaders are not creating a fantasy world. They are not creating a world where everyone gets to live. Where everyone will have money and freedoms and rights. They're creating a disaster. And as the situation spirals out of control the ancient, primordial laws of violence will ultimately decide who lives. Who dies. Amid the chaos people will demand a leader. A person who can create order. And this will be a very harsh person, because they will have to be. They will be an emperor. A god king. An agentof fate.

And if a species...have any hope of survival, We will have to get back to ancient laws. Eternal laws.

But don't be afraid. Because your life as is fleeting...every person is destined to die...but as part of the part of part of an infinite spirit that transcends time and are so much more. You are a seed. No one can bury you, because you will reemerge. While your body may perish, Your ideas. Your spirit will grow. You will become like the tree. 300 feet tall. Because your DNA is the same as that of tree. The material in your body is that which has made stars. The same stars that light up the darkness. And the night is always darkest just before the dawn.

From the ashes of an old world, a new sun rises. And in the destruction of the false, that the truth is crowned as king.

Life, death, these are eternal cycles that cannot be ignored.

So you have a choice. You can either embrace your destiny. Or be crushed by it. Live a fleeting life. Or be part of immortal forces.

None of us will live forever, but we will live on in our actions. As nature's revolutionaries. As agents of fate.