Take a look around you. How many things in your sight can you say are organic? Natural? Almost nothing. What surrounds us now is synthetic. Although people tend to ignore it, nature is an omnipresent force that is not taking our actions lightly; nor is it blind to what is going on. We are the ones who have been blinded - distracted with false promises, hypnotized by the promises of an American dream. What they have told you is a normal reality, couldn't be further from the truth.

Your future is not promised by a man, nor by diploma. The world that you have been promised is never going to appear unless drastic changes are made. Life is a game in which nature holds all the cards. Nowadays we treat this planet like a coloring book in which you can scribble all over it, rip out a page and start over; but time and everything that surrounds us naturally, is nothing to be played with. These are resources that we are so quick to throw away, yet we can never get back.

Change is coming no matter what our leaders say or do, and there is the chance for change to occur peacefully, but if it can't - we have to do what we have to do. We cannot continue to run this planet even further into the ground than it already is. This is not our planet, but while we have the chance to grace it, it is time to reconnect with it. The truth and the power that reside in nature ultimately have the last say.