Look around you. How many things in your site can you say are organic - natural? Nearly nothing. But although as a race we tend to ignore it, nature is an Omni present force that is not taking our actions lightly. Nor is it blind to what is going on. Nature and its elements: fire, air, water, earth - individually are more powerful than any weapon that we could ever create. A natural disaster could cause more carnage, more bloodshed, than a single war. And that's nothing to be taken lightly.

Reality is nothing like what they told you. Not every person on this earth is here to live the same false "American Dream." If a dream means to be a prisoner of school for about 20 years before landing a job that will barely pay for you to live, breathe, and eat and you still end up in debt after retirement, that's not the kind of dream that I want to be part of.

I want to be a part of a revolution and this is the start of a return to our origins. As our technology has advanced, and we have grown more connected, we've also grown further and further from the truth - from our origins from our beginnings.

We treat this planet like a coloring book in which you can scribble all over it, rip out a page and start over. But time, and everything that surrounds us naturally, is nothing to be played with. These are resources that we can never get back. Change is possible. Reverse is possible and it may happen peacefully, but if it can't we have to do what we have to do. We cannot run this planet into the ground even further than it is. There is all this talk of heaven and hell afterlife. We are in hell and if we don't change there will be more hell to pay.