Create new "Globalfutureaction" 501c4


What are our priorities with local politics? - Virginia Health Care Reform


Write email to Network Solutions and GoDaddy about hosting issues.


Figure out if we want to reach out to Biden or Warren campaign.


Combat censorship with our memo against hate (on my computer)


Create Agenda Page with Indicators we can show people


Keep creative priorities in mind. Audios/art/music/videos

Russian Relations

Publicize Nunn's Open Letter to Trump

Who do we contact?

Finish Nuclear Threat Article.

Do we create a "Coalition for Nuclear Peace"?

Put Russian pages on Earth Future Action


Simes Letter

Nuclear Threat Initiative


Nature's Political Revolution

Communicating our ideology through the audios

Updating German Videos

Creative Priorities


The Facebook Art



Classical music

Female metal


Photo Essays

What to promote

Webpages to Promote

Themes to focus on

Discussion of Priorities and themes 1/14/19

Intellectual Priorities

Book List


Sort through audios. What do we need to post? Some Audios we could consider posting

Notes on the Audios on WFF and UWW

What audios to make for YouTube, Facebook and Soundcloud?

Make some of our videos around 2 minutes so they can fit on twitter.

What is the relationship between the audios?

Do we need new audios?

Sort through key videos (What do we need to post and download?) Key Videos to Download

Create master list of our own videos ASAP


Add Campaign for America's Future to Grants Page

Make sure Grants page is politically correct


German Networking!!!!

Plugging into the Green New Deal

Who do we need to reach out to locally?

Reaching out to Europe

Think of groups that could make fact sheets for us.

Geographic Targets


Washington DC

Berlin Germany



Moscow, Russia (New)

Further review of Russian metal

Bolivia and La Paz (New to add more)

Norway - Bands and Festivals

Salzburg Austria (Relevance - Alpine natural world)


Think of new places we can advertise.

Reddit has untapped potential

Is it time that we give a chance?

Real Estate plans to escape madness and insanity

Check out Real Estate here

Technology and Social Media to Plug Into

Uploading our Videos to Facebook




Link more pages to our How to Add WFF to your Phone's Homescreen

Mention how to use Chrome in page above.

Add a share to Facebook guide for Android and iPhone

Photoshoot Plans

Vision of chaos that is coming.

More experimentation with night photography outdoors.

Use of LED lights

Signs of the Times

Update Environmental and American Economic Signs of the Times

Look over the Signs of the Times Memo

Change "Signs of the Times" to "Global Future News"

Get back to updating it

Publication Priorities

Top Publication Priorities

Top Near Term Priorities