[Editor's Note: This is a hypothetical speech from a revolutionary leader who has overthrown the pre-existing government and taken over America after a series of disasters. The straw that broke the camel's back was a biological attack that killed millions. This new leader is thanking the people for their cooperation, and justifying their "temporary" measures they will need to put into place in order for Democracy to be "restored."]

I am humbled that you all have called me before you today. Thank you. Thank you.

I see before me a diverse crowd. Folks of different religions, age groups, vocations, skin tones and walks of life. You come before me as soldiers, mothers, fathers, workers, teachers, veterans, orphans, and so on. But we all have something in common. We have all have witnessed unspeakable atrocities unravel over the last decade. We have all lost someone that we love and care about - if not many someones in the deteriorating world situation.

In the 20th century, we were warned that this would happen by the greatest scientists of the world. We were warned about the consequences of global warming and dramatic climate change.

But the leaders of the old system did not listen. They squabbled endlessly amongst themselves. They borrowed against the future of the majority for the temporary pleasures of a minority. They presided over the greatest destruction of nature ever seen in human history, and did nothing to stop the rapid acceleration of human caused climate change. Like those who built the Tower of Babel, in their arrogance, they created a system that was stacked against the Laws of God, Nature, Fate - or whatever you would like to call it. And this system came crashing down in the face of reality.

They did not heed the rumblings of Nature. They did not see the signs coming. Instead they chose to stick their heads in the sand, and got washed away by the waves of the storm.

And we the people, we were forced to pay the price for their arrogance. Major cities have been flooded and destroyed by the rising megastorms. Our entire agricultural system has been destroyed by chemical practices that destroyed the soil and the homogenization of crops. Foolishly, our leaders made the same mistakes of those in famines past. But this famine was much worse and we have seen the deaths of tens of millions. Due to the death of the bees, so callously killed by the agrobusiness machine, a third of our food crops have been killed off. Not to mention that the spread of once tropical diseases has created a global pandemic.

Such disasters weakened the mechanism of our National Security. Terrorists were allowed to deploy a biological weapon in Chicago that killed millions - and do to the incompetence of our past leaders, this disease was allowed to spread.

These leaders blamed you for the atrocities. They told you that you did not work hard enough - that you were wasteful.

But I come here today to tell you that these atrocities - these horrible disasters, they were not your fault. They are the fault of a weak government, a government that we rose up to replace. The old leaders did not put in place needed reforms, because they were too busy squabling amongst themselves, and fighting over the money they stole from your pockets.

But you were brave. You eventually you said 'enough is enough.' You did not sit down, but you stood up. You did not shut up, but you spoke out. They stepped on you and you fought back. We waged one of the greatest revolutions the world has ever seen and wrestled the reigns of the government away from a corrupt few, back into the rightful hands of the people.

Today I would not be here as your Leader, if not for your bravery, for your courage and willingness to stand strong against the face of evil.

It won't be long before we restore this country back to the original vision of our forefathers. To a place where those who work hard can get ahead, where the rules of the game are not rigged - but fair.

With your help and your prayers, I will preside over a temporary government until a time in which we can conduct an election, and we will have to put in place some rules, to make sure that this election is fair, and benefits you most of all. We must do whatever we can to ensure we don't make the same mistakes of the past system.

Given the danger of the virus that was deployed in Chicago, I ask for your strength and cooperation in dealing with this matter. We have taken the steps to bring the infected to a place where they will be safe, and if an official is to come to your house and request your cooperation, please know that they have your best interests at heart. They will bring you to a safe place where our officials can best provide for your needs.

As Americans, we have a sense of perserverence that allows us to triumph through tough times - and you will triumph through this latest adversity as well.

In terms of the terrorists, we are taking every measure we can to make sure that these people are brought to justice. Do not fear these people, for America is strong. We will make these people fear us. For America will rise up, and come back stronger than ever.

Our strongest Americans were individuals who had to make tough choices in the face of overwhelming adversity: Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King in particular.

Abraham Lincoln came into office with a nation divided, and he left office with a nation restored. Martin Luther King urged a nation on the eve of a race war to embrace hands across the lines of race, and walk with one another in brotherhood.

As your elected leader, I too will have to make difficult decisions in order to restore the Nation. Not everyone will be happy with the things I decide, but they will be necessary to ensure America's security and to preserve the American Dream.

Today is not our last hour, but our finest. This is not the end, but a new beginning. I ask you to join me now in America's finest hour - to be the twilight rising from this darkest of nights, the eve of a new dawn. A new hope. The foundation of the American Dream.

Thank you.

God bless you all and God bless America.