solar system

To understand truth is to understand nature. Nature is a world of breath taking beauty, from the majesty of a mountain sunset, to the wonder of the galaxies that we can see in the night sky.   However, it is also a ferocious world. A brutal struggle for life. Our ancestors survived nature's trials of ice and fire, and were forced to take harsh actions. It is because of those actions that we are alive today. It is their primordial DNA that flows in our veins and guides us into the future. It is through their wisdom that we outline a vision of the world to come.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, time remains the same.







It has been said that a tree without roots cannot survive a great storm. In our time we are seeing the twilight of a world of illusions.

In this text it is our role to be the shamans, the visionaries of the world that is to come.

What we see today is a world that is dying from within. Today's world order and prevailing political systems are in the painful process of breaking down. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was said that American style democracy was the one system - and the best system for the entire planet and all its diverse people. Some people even declared that we were living in "the end of history," and that Western liberal democracy was the final form of human government for everyone. Yet a counter statement was made by Hugo Chavez (former president of Venezuela), who stated that just because Soviet style communism collapsed, doesn't mean that American imperialism is the be­all and end­all. In fact, his statement might be one of the most prophetic quotes of the 21st century.

So that is the formative question of our time. Is American style imperialism the one system for all? That is doubtful. What's even more doubtful is if it will survive (at least as it is now). Today's plutocratic world order has propped itself up with massive levels of debt against the environment and the economy - with a complete genocide against the natural world. In our time we're seeing the greatest destruction of life on planet Earth in human history. In forty short years, humanity has destroyed half of the wildlife on the planet. This is because today's system is based on short term values of excess. There is virtually no planning by today's leader for how our current system is supposed to continue into the future.

We could quote all kinds of statistics and studies to prove that today's system isn't working. But instead we invite you to look at the world around you. Is this a good system? Is it a benevolent system? Does it represent any kind of long term or natural values? No it does not. Can we consume resources at the same rate forever? No, we cannot. So something has to give.

Time is like a spring. The further it has been pushed in one direction, the more violently it will lash back in the other. Today's leaders have pushed so far against what is natural, that the lash back is going to be quite severe. As the floor bottoms out for today's society, we see a very grim world in the future. Not grim for nature, but grim for humanity.

Have no illusions about nature. Nature will survive today's man made disasters. Nature has survived five major mass extinctions, so nature will survive us. It is a system that is billions of years old. It is time and truth itself. Our ancestors understood this. They survived the trials of nature everyday. They had a simple choice: either respect the fearsome power of nature, or get destroyed by it.

Today's modern man has forgotten what it means to survive out in nature. People today have a fairy tale view of the natural world. They see it as a Disney story. This is because their view of nature is often from an HD-TV, or a picture on the back of a box of cookies.

But as the power structures of our current world collapse, humanity will be forced to reckon with the reality of nature once more. Nature is the wolf ripping the throat of its prey, a typhoon battering the shore and killing thousands - if not millions in one fell swoop. It is a brutal system that divides the weak from the strong. There is no pleading, begging or lobbying against nature's laws. There is no get out of jail free card. There is only one punishment for failure: death. If a creature in the forest cannot adapt quickly enough to a changing ecosystem to survive, it will die. So too is the reality for today's society.

We see a death toll in the billions in the near future. That may sound like alarmist thinking. But this is is not out of line with historical trends. The Black Death killed a third of Europe's population, the Thirty Year's War killed up to forty percent of Germany's population. If anything, such a death toll is even more likely given the unsustainable rate of human growth unleashed by the industrial revolution. There are now way more people on the planet than can be sustained by the finite resources we are so quick to waste. Right now, all these people are propped up by artificial and temporary systems that cannot possibly be sustained in the long term. But in the wake of mass economic and environmental collapse, these systems will be destroyed, and then millions if not billions will die. This is not theory. This is a near inevitability with the scope of today's trends.

Yet will all these people depart voluntarily? No. They will not. This will lead to massive levels of war, chaos and violence.

It would be great if today's leaders could push for peaceful reform. But this is looking less and less likely as time goes on.

So in the midst of this chaos, an important historical figure will step forward. A person we would like to call 'The Emperor.' Like every other era of history that has descended into chaos, a brutal leader will come forward to impose order. But this will not be a very pleasant process. This person will ascend to power by climbing atop the skulls of the fallen, and wash the streets clean with a sea of blood. This leader will be a brutal person because they will have to be, and this will be a necessary evil in order to prevent even further levels of violence. This person will be the central figure of reform in the grim world coming. So in this text, we are trying to conceptualize who this person will be and the kind of world they will create.


“Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals, seems only to pass into excess of slavery.”  - Plato, The Republic

Authoritarian rule has been the norm for the vast majority of human history. Almost all of the world's major civilizations were governed by one leader with supreme power: Persia, Egypt, China, The Gupta Empire and so on. Democracy has had a very brief track record in the pages of history. It was a failure in Athens, Greece. Which wasn't really much of a major power anyways (despite what people are told today in their history classes). At the time of Athens, it was Persia that was a major world geopolitical power.

Rome is probably the only major civilization in history that had anything close to a democracy, with their representative republic. But this led to endless amounts of civil war and violence. When Augustus Caesar swept away the Republic, he was hailed as a savior and a living god.

So today's so called democracies are based on ideas that were a failure in history. Today's leaders like to treat democracy as like some kind of religion. That democracy is always the right way to go, and is worth imposing upon other countries around the world. But democracy is not a religion nor a death pact. It's simply a political ideology. If it works, that's great, but if not, then other political systems will rise to take its place. This is not our opinion. This has been the prevailing trend in history.

It's also not very clear if America is even a democracy at all. If anything, it's more like an oligarchy masquerading as a democracy.

The great paradox of our time is that the structure of the modern totalitarian state is being built by the western democracies themselves. Barack Obama is a significant figure in all this who has accelerated on a rapid basis the movement towards totalitarianism set up by his predecessor George Bush. This has been revealed in the Snowden revelations.

Now talking about the future of authoritarian rule is very difficult to do in today's world, because many people (particularly Americans) have a comic book view of authoritarianism. They see it as some sort of mindless repression from the top, and people like Hitler and Mussolini are portrayed in the media as total crackpots. Therefore people think, "Well, authoritarian rule could never happen here because I don't see anyone acting like that." But the truth is that Hitler and Mussolini were very sophisticated people in their time who had tremendous amounts of popularity and support. If Hitler were ranting and raving like some kind of lunatic, he wouldn't have been elected dog catcher, let alone Reich Chancellor.

It's very important to understand that the initial phases of totalitarianism will not be sold as totalitarianism. No, it will be sold as "freedom". It will be sold as protecting freedom. In other words, democracy will be destroyed by those claiming to save it. So there's going to be (particularly among the establishment liberal politicians) a level of dishonesty and deceit that will be truly breathtaking in history.

In the end though, these western democracies will probably be swept away by their own evil, incompetence, and corruption, and the Emperor will step forward in their place.


"The rule of many kings is a bad thing.  There must be one king with absolute authority. " - Homer, The Iliad

The Emperor will be a person with absolute authority. This will be necessary for them to clean up the problems created by today's world leaders. This means the authority over life and death. This person will have a concentration of power that will probably be unprecedented in world history.

Now, due to the prevalence of stupid ideologies in our time, some people are not going to accept this concentration of power. No they are not. So these people will end up getting crushed. That's part of why there's going to be a large amount of violence. The Emperor will preside over a reign of terror that will be absolutely unprecedented in world history and he or she will be backed up by the high technology world.

In reality, the new totalitarian regimes will come to power on a wave of popular enthusiasm, just as was the case in the past. Leaders such as Augustus Caesar, Napoleon and Hitler were hailed as saviors.  People demanded action, and these rulers had massive popular support.

A key tool for this will be the internet.  The internet will enable a powerful, emotional message to spread like wildfire.  Indeed, the internet will enable dictators to come to power more quickly than in the past, and will enable them to whip up popular emotions to a fever pitch when in power.

The Emperor will be a person of passionate convictions, and he or she will be able to communicate those convictions via the Internet. The Internet will enable such a charismatic person to connect on an emotional basis with hundreds of millions of people. This will create a magnetic bond with the masses and generate a level of fanaticism that no leader in history has ever been able to produce. If anything, such fanaticism will give the Emperor a level of God-like authority.

So the point of totalitarian media communications is not so much the suppression of false ideas, or ideas contrary to the state, but the promotion of highly popular and magnetic ideologies that will capture the imagination of the public.

This Emperor will command a level of cult-like enthusiasm. Because of today's destruction of the natural world, the return to natural law will be a key part of the Emperor's cult. In the past, emperors portrayed themselves as the link between this world and the one beyond, the bridge between man and the gods. Even in the oldest written law code, the Code of Hammurabi, the authority of God was inscribed at the very top of the code. In the future, the Emperor will present his or herself as the avatar of nature, the hand of fate. And they will create a series of laws that will interweave the citizens of their state back into the fold of nature's laws.


Organic politics. When the politics of life triumph over the politics of death.

What kind of laws will the Emperor lay down in the future? We don't know the exact details of that. But it is our supposition that they will create a kind of organic state. The citizen will be married to state at the level of mind, body and soul.

The state will not be considered an alien force imposing law upon the resisting man, but a natural organism within which man is a natural part. This is organic politics. Just as the Emperor is the manifestation of nature's laws, so too will the state be a manifestation of the Emperor himself. Today's state exists as an alien force imposing law upon the disconnected man. This is why it will crumble and fall apart. A state cannot have the power to face outside pressures, if it is collapsing from within. Therefore, the future state to come will need a strong sense of solidarity to survive.

A large group acting under a single mind has tremendous power, like a colony of ants overtaking a rhino weighing several tons. Collectivity is strength. It is said that five fingers make a fist. Individually we are weak, but collectively we are strong.

As today's synthetic systems crumble into dust, the emperor will have quite a job in clearing up a couple of misconceptions. This will be necessary to make society more efficient. The future state to come will not be a commune of hippies living in nature, weaving flowers in their hair and tie-dyeing their T-shirts. It will be a sort of green-Sparta - a green hell unleashed upon Earth - a wolf pack to be reckoned with, rather than a colony of fluffy sheep.

Of course, the collective power of the organic state will not be based on the stupidity of communism, which saw all people as equals - or thought of all people being the same. Equality doesn't exist in nature - and all groups in nature have their hierarchies. So instead, the future collective will be an organization of mankind into his proper spiritual, physical and intellectual talents.

Human Responsibilities will replace Human Rights. If people are going to destroy all life on the planet, do they deserve rights? No they don't.

Citizenship will not be given, but earned. Citizens will be required to render some kind of service onto the state in return for privileges and property. All citizens will also probably be required to live in housing that is ecologically sound. There will be a massive movement to provide sustainable living that runs on natural resources. Excess and waste will be eliminated and punished.

We also need to think about the "Haves and the Have Nots," and how they will exist in the state to come. This is a difficult topic, but it's an inescapable reality. Who has the right to life? The idea that all people will have life and happiness is a lie of today's world order. World history has always been a grim game of the 'haves' and the 'have' nots. In our world today, it is the wealthy who get the privilege of life. Vegetables, deformities and the elderly are kept alive via machines, while healthy children in poor societies are left to starve and die. But the organic state will prioritize health and beauty as a manifestation of nature's will. Healthy children will live while deformities will be aborted in the womb.

Super Soldiers and Biotechnology will be utilized to improve the citizen. Genetics will be used to make people stronger, healthier and smarter than they were before. This will be necessary to survive in a world of ecological disasters and limited resources. There will be the genetic development of super soldiers who can live in extreme environments.

The body of the citizen will belong to the state. Citizens will be required to maintain a state of fitness, given that the body of the citizen is the body of the state (and the two are inseparable). In the same way that soldiers in today's military are required to do physical training and pass fitness tests, so too will every citizen, until they reach a certain age. For the organic state itself will be a militarized society. The state shall provide every resource to keep citizens healthy, and those who are weak or obese shall be punished or cast aside.


Within all life forms is a primeval will to live.   Some may think our ideas about the Emperor are harsh or maybe even evil.   In reality, the greatest evil of all time is today's not so orderly world "order," which exists under the rule of American Imperialism.   What could be more evil (and stupid) than destroying the biological foundations of life?

So drastic actions are going to be taken... no matter what happens.  The sooner drastic actions are taken, the sooner reform begins, the sooner a global healing process can take place.

The politics of death must be replaced by the politics of life.

We are going to return to nature's world.   The only issue in doubt is the death toll and the survival of the human species.

In other words, the time for reform is now.  We support change within today's system.  We hope western so-called "democracy" can work.  That would be best.  However, this system is so rotten that these hopes are not likely to happen.  Thus, the only responsible thing to do is to look back into history and learn from the past so that we can see into the future. As we have said before, authoritarianism has been the historical norm, so it is most likely to be the long term future.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, nature's laws remain the same.  They have ruled our planet and the known universe for billions of years.   They are not going to change. And these laws have a sense of justice.

Time is a wheel, and that wheel is about to come full circle. But change is a destructive process. It is the forest fire burning away the rot and detritus of fallen trees. Today's world will be crushed under the wheel of time as a new one emerges like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

We must have the moral courage and the vision to hail the emergence of the new severe age to come and to get ready. We must have the creativity to envision the new political systems of the future. The coming organic politics. It is our goal to reach the person who will be the center of those systems - to reach the emperor. We know that they are out there today, somewhere, reading these words on the internet. It is your time. It is your time to step forward.